A great portion of the sewer pipes  on private properties in New Jersey are more than 50 years old. Many of these sewer pipes will soon begin to have stoppages in service because of leaks, cracks and breaks.  In New Jersey, if your sewer line is leaking you are required to have it repaired as it can cause damage to property and is hazardous to the environment and the public sewer system it is connected to.

Generally, other than sewer cleaning and sewer scope inspections, all work on a sewer line requires a permit and an inspection from the plumbing department of your town.  Once you file for a permit sewer line repair can begin and an inspection by the plumbing department will conducted prior to covering the pipe to ensure that the sewer repair has been done correctly in accordance with the town plumbing code.

Work done on your sewer line between the house and the curb is the responsibility of the property owner and the town will not be involved other than with regard to plumbing permits and inspections.  any work that needed under the street to the curb will be the responsibility of the town to repair and pay for.

Its important to conduct an inspection of the sewer line pipes before work is started to see exactly where the problematic pipe is and ensure it is your responsibility to fix.

Underground water line repair or replacement

If you are repairing the sewer line from your home but need to dig by the curb or under the street for access such as when repairing a sewer near the connection or installing a new sewer connection, a separate permit would be required for digging into the public right-of-way.

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This type of permit may involve more than the plumbing department as excavation of the street may require traffic control coordination, environmental department oversight and protection of any other utilities located in the area.

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Here you can learn a little more about sewer repair permits,  sewer inspections, who pays for sewers repairs and when you need to repair your sewer line.

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