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Rerouting Sewer Line Job Bergen County

A sewer line that is backing up repeatedly is likely broken or deteriorating. A broken sewer line that needs constant sewer cleaning and ultimately sewer repair or sewer replacement can be a big expense and a hassle. Sewer repairs will likely require some excavation of the sewer line and potential destruction and rebuilding of landscaping, deck sidewalks, or driveways.


Rerouting or relocating your sewer line is a good option in some cases where the location of the underground sewer pipes are part of the cause for damage or accessibility is an issue.


Sewer Line Replacement (Rerouting sewer)

In some situations, the location of the sewer line is causing the problems, like if you have tree roots that have broken through your drain or sewer lines or your sewer line is under a slab in a location that is hard to get to when there is a problem.

Rerouting the sewer line, moving it to a location away from trees or a location that is simply under soil rather than under the slab may be a good course of action, especially if you need to replace the line in its entirety anyway.

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Line Replacement or Rerouting?

To reroute the sewer line we will create a new path for the sewer line from your property to the sewer main in the street that is away from tree roots and other obstructions.  You may also want to reroute your sewer pipes if you are building a new addition to your home or commercial property above where the sewer lines are currently located.


All line construction solutions for sewer and drainage equipment 

Our sewer line team will evaluate your property and current sewer line location and give you a plan and estimate for relocating your sewer line to a more accessible location.


Are you thinking about having your drain or sewer line repaired, replaced or rerouted? Our sewer line team can evaluate your situation and create a specialized plan and estimates with options for sewer repair, sewer replacement and sewer rerouting so you can choose what best fits your home.

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