Water pipes, sewer pipes, and drain pipes in your home or business can break, collapse, burst, or wear away from corrosion, depending on the pipe’s age and materials. Although some problems with sewer, drain, and water pipes can be repaired with sewer repair services, severe damage may require pipe replacement instead.

In homes and commercial buildings, there are several types of pipe used for plumbing, drain lines, and sewer main lines:

  • PVC pipes
  • Copper pipes
  • Cast iron pipes
  • Orangeberg pipes

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PVC Pipe Replacement

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a popular choice for plumbing, drain, and sewer pipes. PVC pipes come in a range of sizes, and the material is lightweight yet highly durable.

Unlike metal pipes, PVC is also water resistant, so it generally doesn’t corrode. When replacing cast iron or copper pipes, many people opt for PVC instead, as it’s generally one of the most economical types of water pipes.

pvc sewer pipe replacement
PVC sewer line replacement

Although sections of PVC pipe can break, leak, and crack, PVC isn’t known to have a definite lifespan. Sewer and drain pipe replacement for PVC usually involves replacing damaged sections of plumbing or sewer pipe.

Copper Pipes

Replacing Copper Pipes in NJ Homes

Copper drains and sewer pipes can last for over fifty years, but unfortunately, copper is subject to corrosion over long periods of time. Old copper pipes are susceptible to breakage and water leaks, and so some of all of the plumbing and sewer pipes may need to be replaced. In some cases, an entire home may need to be repiped.

copper water pipe replacement
Copper water main line replacement

Installing all new copper plumbing and drain lines can be relatively pricey, although alternatives like PVC can offer a lower price point. Some of the most common causes for copper pipe replacement include:

  • Corrosion. Water will very slowly eat away at the metal, causing pinhole leaks.
  • Scale. Scale buildup inside of water and sewer pipes can obstruct water flow.
  • Sewer pipe collapse. Copper sewer lines that have been seriously damaged may require sewer pipe replacement. This can often be achieved with pipe bursting and other trenchless methods.
  • Property value concerns. In some areas, copper pipes can actually detract from a home’s value.

Cast Iron

Sewer & Drain cast iron pipe replacement in NJ

Many older sewer and drain pipes are made from cast iron. With an average lifespan of around 30-50 years, cast iron drain, plumbing, and sewer pipes were the standard during the mid to late 20th century, after lead pipes had been phased out.

cast iron pipe replacement in NJ
cast iron pipe replacement in NJ

Old waste line made from cast iron 

Iron line main sewer waste pipe

Cast iron water main line replacement

cast iron sewer pipe replacement
Cast iron

Many remaining cast iron pipes are quite old, and may have some degree of corrosion and calcification. For cast iron drains and sewer pipes, replacement is often recommended by contractors.

Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized water pipe service supply line.

Galvanized water main line


Pipe Replacement in NJ

Orangeberg pipes was used in sewers for a brief time during the 1940s when metal shortages due to WWII created the need for a substitute. Orangeberg sewer pipes are made from highly compressed tar paper, and although few remain, some older properties in NJ may still have orangeberg pipe.

Sewer pipe replacement is always recommended, as the old orangeberg pipes are relatively flimsy and fragile.

orangeberg pipe replacement nj
orangeberg line replacement NJ

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