When you need repiping contractors in NJ for exterior plumbing pipes like water or sewer lines, you can count on the experts at A1.

We can repipe your existing lines or install new exterior plumbing pipes as needed, including water and sewer pipes, drain pipes and utility pipes.

We can use a variety of different methods depending on what is needed. We offer traditional excavation of pipes for repairs that involve digging trenches or tunnels, and we also offer trenchless method repairs that do not require digging so you have less disruption to your property landscape.

If you need help with exterior pipes in your home or business property contact us at 201-645-0888 for a free estimate the best repiping contractor in NJ.


  • water line repiping
  • sewer pipe repiping
  • drain repiping
  • drainage repiping
  • utilities repiping
  • underground repipe

If your external pipes are not working properly we can help you get your water, sewer and drain systems to work as they should. Whether you need repiping or repair of your pipe lines, we can find the problem and craft a solution that will be affordable and long lasting.

We also offer pipeline inspections by a video inspection of the interiors of your pipes to look for any cracks, holes, disjointed or collapsed pipes.  Finding problems with your underground pipes early can save you money as the longer the cracks remain the larger they get and the more expensive they become to repair.

If you have been experiencing sewer line backups very often a pipeline inspection will let you know if you have a broken or cracked pipe before your entire pipeline collapses.

Call us at 201-645-0888 for a free estimate from a pipe contractor in NJ that has seen it all.

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