Tree Roots Blocking Sewer Pipes in New Jersey is a Common Plumbing Problem

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Tree roots blocking sewer pipes is a very common problem in NJ.  Tree roots can very often grow into sewer pipes in NJ, breaking through the pipe in search of water.

One of the signs that you have tree roots in your pipeline is if you continuously need to have sewer cleaning done, as your drain or sewer gets clogged again and again.

tree roots in main sewer line

We use a video camera to inspect the sewer line and determine how big the roots are and if they can be removed by snaking or by hydro-jetting the sewer line.

Sometimes if the sewer pipe or drain line is too cracked or broken removing the roots is not enough or cannot be done completely with water jetting,  sewer repair services need to be performed in order to fix or replace the broken pipe.

tree roots cracked sewer pipe in Hackensack nj

When the tree roots in the sewer pipe are few and thin clearing the sewer line with a powerful snake will rip the roots out and push the roots and debris out of the pipe.

In some cases in New Jersey we even use power jetting in the line (hydro jetting) that rips the roots into small pieces.

Be aware that if the roots are already located in the pipe through a crack or opening, even a small one, there are two scenarios which will happen in the future:

  1. Although the drain pipe is clear from roots, still tree roots are part of the surface of the pipe and just need more time to grow and slow down water and sewer waste and debris.  So when the next sewer clog happens is only a matter of how quickly those tree roots will grow.
  2. Tree roots will grow much stronger and will make a larger opening in the sewer pipe than the existing one.  Sometimes will separate the  pipe into 2 pieces or more and in the harder cases even disconnect the pipe from the line while sewage is leaking.  Then you have a main sewer pipe or an underground drain that needs to be repaired and put back together.

Tree Roots in My Sewer Line: NJ Solutions and Options

Tree roots in my sewer line is a common call we get and there are many options to solve this problem.

  1. The most simple and cost effective thing, especially when the sewer clog is happening for the first time, is to snake the pipe and run a sewer camera inspection through the line to see that the line is clear with no damage.
nj sewer pipe repair for tree roots in the sewer line
  1. Jetting the drain line is a more powerful solution and without running the metal snake through the sewer line, which sometimes creates damage, the sewer line will be clear almost like brand new, and then we suggest running the sewer inspection camera.
  2. In case of sewer repair, sewer line camera inspection needs to be performed in order to know the condition and exact location of the sewer break.  From that point the options are either local repair or replacing the sewer line.
  3. If the sewer or drain line is underground, you can avoid digging and destroying your landscaping and avoid the risk of damaging other pipes and cables most of the time by using trenchless pipe technology, which will build an internal sleeve inside the sewer line like a glove reducing the size of the pipe a little but saving you the cost and hassle and timing of digging and replacing an underground sewer pipe.

In any event, we always recommend to do drain camera inspection before and after clearing the pipe to ensure that you have covered the problem thoroughly,  and we provide you with a video image so you see the difference before and after, and of course know that we completed the sewer pipe repair successfully.

Sewer Line Tree Root Removal and Camera Inspection Costs in New Jersey

Sewer line tree root removal can be quick and easy or time consuming and costly, depending on the circumstances.

The cost is very relative to the condition of the pipe if the pipe is with no damage and can continuously sustain the water flow within the pipe, its different than a pipe that is broken internally and pieces of the pipe are even missing and mud and tree roots and stone are falling into the pipe.

sewer jetting for tree roots blocking sewer line in hudson county nj

A short video pipe inspection will let us know the condition of the pipe and will determine the price as a flat price, not an hourly rate with no surprises, as we get to see the images.

You don’t want to assume that there are tree roots, pay to jet and remove them, and then find out that it was actually a broken pipe.  If there is a broken pipe or the line is very old, sewer jetting to remove the roots can actually damage the line very much to the point where you may require sewer replacement thereafter.

Additional sewer inspections with the camera usually are free in the process of repairing the sewer pipe, with no additional cost to you.  Of course, a guarantee is a part of every sewer repair in New Jersey.

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