Near me quick Line Repair in NJ for every sewer repair, water main line, drainage line repair service. Click on the video to see how A1 is conducting line inspaction before making any repair decision with %100 accuracy.

Plumbing sewer line repair

Quick Line Repair in NJ

Sewer Line repair

If you have found that you need sewer line repair trust the sewer experts at A1 Sewer & Drain of NJ.  Our expert sewer technicians have the skills and equipment to provide low cost sewer repair options for most sewer line problems.

For almost all sewer line problems we conduct a sewer camera inspection so we can be sure what the sewer problem is and where it is and we don’t have any surprises.  After the sewer inspection, we will explain all of your sewer repair options and give you estimates for repair so you can make an informed decision before any work is done.

Call A1 Sewer and Drain and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about sewer line repair services.

Trenchless repair

Trenchless repair nj code

We offer all types of sewer repair that your home sewer line may require, including traditional sewer repair by excavation and trenchless sewer line repair by trenchless pipe CIPP or pipe bursting.

Trenchless sewer repair does not require digging up the old damaged sewer line to replace it.

We can use CIPP relining in which we use the existing opening to the sewer line to line the inside of the pipe with an epoxy liner that will coat the inside of the pipes and seal over any cracks or holes, creating a smooth line new pipe.

Pipe bursting is also available in which we run a steel head through the pipe that breaks the existing pipe and pulls a new pipe in place behind it.

You can count on the sewer repair professionals at A1 for exceptional sewer service & reliable repair.


Digging sewer repair

Sometimes trenchless repair methods cannot be used, like if the structure of the sewer line is damaged, the slope or angles are wrong , or the broken sewer line pipe is under the slab and needs under ground under slab repair.  In those cases, we use traditional sewer repair methods, digging up the broken sewer pipe, replacing it and then back-filling the trench.  Depending on what the problem with your sewer line is our expert sewer line repair plumbers will determine the best way to repair the sewer line in a reliable and efficient way and find the best sewer solution for your home, budget and timeline.

With our experienced sewer plumbers & upfront pricing, you can trust A1 for all sewer line repair services in NJ.

Water line repair

Water line repair can be very similar to sewer line repair, but water line problems are sometimes harder to diagnose.  Sewer line problems usually become apparent through sewer backups, but water line problems have more subtle symptoms, like:

  • discolored or murky water.
  • random wet spots or puddles on your lawn.
  • low water pressure.
  • unexpected increase in your water bill.

In some cases, people get a letter from the township telling them there is a water leak on their property. If you notice any of the above issues or if you get a letter from your town, you may have a leaking or broken water line and need water line repair.  We would inspect your water line, find the problem in the pipes and give you options and estimates for water line repair.  We have the expertise at A1 to provide fast and low cost water line repair solutions – contact us today if you are having any water line problems.

Line Repair Services in NJ

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