Public Sewer 

Public Sewer mains typically run through the streets in NJ and each property has a separate lateral sewer connection that runs from the building or house on the property to the public sewer line in the street.

Building a drain or sewer to connect to the city public sewer main requires a permit and inspection from your town’s building department. A1 can make sewer line from the house to street connection as fast as 1 day!

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Public sewer service in NJ

Connecting homeowner sewer line to the public town sewer system – Call A1 for free advice $ best quote in NJ

If you have an existing sewer line but it is old, has been unused for a long time or is having ongoing sewer backup issues you should have a sewer contractor run a sewer scope/camera inspection before starting any new sewer line installation.


City Sewer

New sanitary sewer line install from the house to the street

Septic to city sewer line connection and new installation 

Some areas do not yet have a public sewer line build in the street so the homes and buildings there must use a septic system for waste.

public-sewer- city-connection-in-NJ

Once a public sewer main is build and it is close enough to your property to access it, it is often preferable to convert from a septic system to the city sewer system by connecting your sewer lateral lines to the public sewer main city line installation

You should first verify where the nearest public sewer line is located and whether your sewer lateral lines can easily connect to it.

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