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We have a variety of home sewer replacement options for repairing sewer lines in NJ homes with long lasting results at a reasonable cost.

1. 4″ sewer connector in place with coupling pvc 4″ with clamps
2. connecting to pipes together with T

We are experts in traditional sewer pipe repair specialist by excavation and can also offer various no-dig trenchless sewer repair solutions like cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, pipe bursting, slip lining, directional boring etc.

sewer-replacements-in- NJ
3. new sewer after replacing the pipe
Sanitary sewer line replacement in NJ
Best sanitary sewer replacement cost in NJ
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Sewer replacement plumbers near me in NJ

The breath of our experience with sewer repair and the variety of sewer repair and sewer replacement solutions that we have experience with allows us to craft the best sewer repair options to save our customers time and money.

Sanitary sewer repair

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  • sewer drain repair
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replacement sewer line for home
Replacement sewer line for home

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sewer-home-pipe-line-services-replacementSewer Home Line Replacement NJ

We have years of experience with sewer repair and sewer replacement in New Jersey and know how to repair or replace a broken or old sewer line in the most cost-effective, efficient, and affordable way for your NJ home.

Our sewer repair experts will assess the condition of your sewer line using sewer video inspection and sewer locating technology, this will provide us with the information about the areas of sewer repair needed and allow us to determine the most reliable and cheapest sewer repair options available.

NJ Sewer Repair Estimate

Our sewer repair estimate process includes all of the needed sewer inspection, sewer cleaning, and sewer repair steps to effectively restore your sewer pipes with no delays or surprises.

Best Cost for Cast Iron Pipe Repair in NJ

Home sewer line replacement
Sewer line repair jersey
Sewer line repair in NJ

– Cast iron pipe replacement

A1 sewer contractors fix and replace broken pipe/damaged pipe/leaking pipe/cast iron pipe repair or cast iron replacement


Same day near me sewer line replacement & sanitary sewer services NJ

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  1. Roni

    A1 is the best pipe repair contractors. I used A1 services when I was out of state for my home in NJ

  2. Jerry

    Sewage backup dealt with swiftly in the short terms. Long terms plan for sewer repair was excellently executed. They know what they’re doing. Cost was reasonable for a NJ contractor.

  3. sewer repair

    Great service. Sewer line replacement was done in a few days, kept everything clean and neat. Stuck to their estimate.

  4. Sagi

    We recommend A1 to our plumbing customers for sewer line replacements since we don’t work with underground sewer lines. These guys are sewer experts and always do a good job. But more importantly, we have found that they are one of the few local nj sewer contractors that are truly 100% honest in all their sewer line jobs. We don’t recommend any other NJ sewer contractor.

  5. Roni

    Very happy with the service provided by A1 sewer contractor. Very responsive from the first phone call to the end. I had a cracked sewer line and we ended up going with pipe replacement. They finished the work very quickly and were very reasonable with the price.

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