Service line replacement in NJ


The service line of your home is the underground pipe line that runs from your home to the water main in the street and connects your interior plumbing to the city water main supply.  These pipes are underground and can deteriorate over time, crack or break, which will affect all of the plumbing systems in your home.


If you are having trouble with your service line, contact us today for an inspection of the interior of your service line.  We will run a camera down your service line pipes and will be able to see exactly what the problem is, explain the repair options and give you an estimate of the cost to repair.

Service line replacements in NJ
Water taps for water main service line in NJ
Home water service line
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Call A1 today for the best price and service for any water main service line supply repair and replacement in New Jersey.  We have worked extensively in NJ repairing water service lines and sewer service lines and well as a variety of other pipe replacements.

  • Lead service line replacement in nj
  • copper service line replacement in nj
  • PVC service line replacement in NJ
  • plastic service line replacement in NJ
  • water service connection from the house to the curb
  • service line upgrades
  • roadway sewer repair or replacement
  • new valves replacement
  • permit
  • roadway excavation street, curbs, sidewalks
  • water leaks on water mains repair
  • fire service line replacement in nj
  • unblocks stoppages in water service mains line
  • water tap for various size water main service line
  • irrigation line replacement
  • utility line replacement
  • canceling/eliminating or disconnecting physical connection: water main, sewer, gas, utility lines..
  • underfloor pipe replacement
Roadway excavation

A1 is an approved service line replacement contractors for water service line replacement for NJ Water companies. Contact us today for any repair, replace or new install water line in NJ. Call us today to get price and service in New Jersey.

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