Ruptured Sewer Repair Pipe in NJ

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Sewer Pipe Ruptured Repair in NJ

Major plumbing emergency? Need sewer line repair ASAP?

We have quick emergency sewer repair services for customers across New Jersey.  24/7/365 we are here to help you.

For more information about sewer repair or to make an appointment for a free consultation & estimate call our team anytime at 201-645-0888. 

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If you have a ruptured sewer pipe, you may see some of the following issues with your nj home and plumbing:

  • mold growth
  • sewer odor
  • frequent sewer backups
  • foundation cracks
  • slow water in your drains
  • cockroaches or sewer flies
  • extra green and lush patch of grass in your yard
  • waste water pooling in your yard

The most common sewer backup problem we see that is caused by a ruptured sewer pipe is frequent sewer clogs and backups.

Very often a client will can an ordinary nj plumber to clear the clogged sewer line and the plumber will let the client know that there is a bigger issue with the line such as tree roots or a cracked sewer pipe.

If you think you may have a ruptured sewer pipe call us today at 201-645-0888 for a free estimate and consultation.

15 reviews for Ruptured Sewer Repair Pipe in NJ

  1. englewood nj

    They were the only contractor that answered the phone at 6pm on a thursday when our emergency happened so we didn’t have a choice of sewer contractor but maybe that is a good thing because they were awesome. They came the next day and got the sewer line running again to get us through the weekend. Their sewer inspection showed the sewer line was cracked. Their sewer repair team came out as scheduled a week later and worked for 2 days to replace the broken sewer pipe. We are good as new now. Would highly recommend A1.

  2. Fort Lee NJ

    The sewer repair team were all very friendly and respectful and treated our home with great care. They explained the work required in easy to understand terms and gave me different options and prices and did not pressure us one way or the other. Actually, gave us a copy of the sewer video inspection if we wanted to get additional estimates for the broken sewer pipe repair. Clearly experts with sewer line issues.

  3. East Orange NJ

    Had to excavate a part of the sewer line with ruptured pipes. A1 showed up at 9am every morning, the work was done cleanly and professionally with no surprises, I was charged what was quoted. Reliable contractor and would recommend them for sewer work.

  4. tenafly nj

    Had a few blocked sewer line incidents over the last year and my plumber said that was not normal and I should call in a sewer contractor for inspection. He recommended A1 and another company but A1 was the only one that called me back so I had them do the sewer inspection. Found a broken sewer pipe. They gave me a copy of the video so I could get a bunch of other estimates but I felt the most comfortable that they knew what they were doing, and no other company gave an estimate that was better overall. I am glad I went with A1, the whole process was smooth and they finished the job promptly. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone.

  5. Union City NJ

    I had an extremely difficult situation with a cracked sewer pipe under the concrete slab. A1 were knowledgeable, professional and willing to go above and beyond to fix the pipe when other plumbers just tried to sell me completely unnecessary services. I cannot recommend them enough!

  6. clifton nj

    Called A1 because of clogged drainage pipes. Just had the line cleaned a few months ago by another company but it was clogged again. On the phone A1 suggested a sewer video camera inspection to check the condition of the sewer line and see what is causing the clogs. I appreciate an actual effort to solve the problem rather than just take my money for sewer cleaning every few months. They came out and ran the sewer camera through and showed me that a pipe had ruptured underground. They came out the next week and replaced it and were done in a few days. Thank you.

  7. fair lawn nj

    These guys did a major sewer repair job for us replacing a bunch of broken and cracked sewer pipes. Did a good job and gave us good pricing. Definitely worth contacting if you have underground sewer problems.

  8. linden nj

    Their team came out quickly, did a sewer inspection to find the broken sewer pipe and within a couple hours I had a plan and price for repair. Everything went according to schedule. I was done with the sewer repair in a few days and price was not bad. I’m just glad it was over quickly and did not turn into a mess. Will call them again for sure if I have any more problems with the sewer pipes.

  9. ramsey nj

    I had a great experience with A1. They replaced the sewer line in home we are renovating and we were very happy with how smoothly everything went. We still have to replace plumbing pipes and we will be needing to upgrade the water main so definitely will be calling them again. Honest and good rates.

  10. cliffside park nj

    Had A1 fix a broken drain pipe at my rental in cliffside park and the got the job done without much delay and without bothering the tenant too much. Price was very reasonable. Thank you

  11. garfield nj

    Great sewer repair team that knows what they are doing. I had sewer backups every few months and finally called them for a sewer scope to see if there was something wrong with the line. They let me watch the sewer scope camera with them and explained what we were seeing, which was a cracked sewer pipe. Gave me a couple of estimates for excavation of the pipe and relining. I did not feel like I was getting a sales routine. Called a bunch of other guys for estimates but I felt like I called a bunch of telemarketers-everyone pushes sewer relining. Instead I had A1 excavate the cracked pipe and replace it which they ended up doing in 1 day and cost less than trenchless.

  12. ridgewood nj

    Great sewer team with a good knowledge of their job. The whole process was smooth, from diagnosis (ruptured sewer pipe) to schedule (they were always on time) to communication (explained everything well). Their sewer pipe repair estimate was very reasonable. I am having them come back for a master bathroom renovation next year. Good guys to know.

  13. Hackensack nj

    Great contractor! Helped me in an emergency with my sewer line. Got the sewer line working again and came up with a long term solution for the broken sewer pipe that could work with my budget. Price for the sewer pipe replacement is similar to what other sewer contractors I called estimated but I definitely felt these guys were so much more professional and accommodating of me.

  14. bergenfield nj

    Renovating a very old home in Bergenfield. A1 came out with the excavator and replaced the sewer line in short order. They did a good job. House’s plumbing works well now. Will use them on other projects. I highly recommend them.

  15. sewer repair

    My sewer backed up a couple of times and my plumber said I had a ruptured sewer pipe. I called A1 based on my plumber’s recommendation. I was worried about the cost to excavate and replace the pipe but it was pretty reasonable and they made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend them.

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