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Water main leak repair company in NJ

Got leaking water pipes outside your home? water main line leak? Let us fix it for you quickly and at the lowest cost!

When you have questions about the options available for water line leak repair we can help. Speak with our knowledgeable water line repair team to help you find the leak in your water line and give you affordable options for water line repair.

  • install line from well to city water
  • replacing main water line from meter to house
  • water line from street to house
  • underground water line installation
  • underground pipe installation trenchless method
  • underground pvc pipe installation
  • hdpe pipe underground installation
  • hdpe pipe for underground water supply
  • under all underground water pipe installation regulations

Contact us for professional advice on water line leak repair services for water lines in NJ –  201-645-0888

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When a water line becomes damaged, the pipe will start leaking which will increase your water bill and can create problems on your property. Many things can cause water main line leaking and damage to a home’s main water line, including:

  • age of the pipes
  • tree root intrusion
  • shifting soil
  • pinhole leak
  • improper pipe installation
  • pipe corrosion
  • changes in ground temperatures
  • damage caused by wildlife
  • damage caused by construction or landscaping work

NJ Trenchless no dig water line installation and repair

#1 with any underground pipe installation method in NJ


When you have questions about the options available for water line leak repair we can help. Speak with A1 knowledgeable water line repair or replacement plumbers for to advice on the best way to repair your sewer line at a low cost and with little hassle.

Contact us today at 201-645-0888 for a free consultation on your water line leak repair.

leaking water main line repair NJ

Main Water Line

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Main Water Supply

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Main Water Line

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Water Line Installation

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Main Water Line

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2 reviews for Leaking water main NJ

  1. Leni

    Water line replacement. Have never seen a contractor work so efficiently and professionally. They finished in one day and did a great job. The town required me to replace the water line and the inspector passed us easily. Great job.

  2. Orange NJ

    I had to install a water line in a house that I am renovating in the City of Orange in two units. Thank you!

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