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Epoxy pipe lining is a thermosetting polymer material that can be used to coat and repair a broken underground pipe without excavating, removing and replacing the pipe.

The liquid epoxy is poured into the pipe and will coat the inside of the pipe hardening as it cools creating a very hard and durable coating of the inside of the pipe, making it almost like a brand-new pipe.

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Epoxy lining is a new way of repairing broken, cracked, or ruptured underground pipes by trenchless/lining or relining the pipes with an epoxy liner.

Sewer lining in NJ

Epoxy lining contractors NJ
Epoxy lining sewer line repair service company in NJ

Instead of digging up any broken pipes with excavation machines and making a mess of your lawn, epoxy pipe lining uses a small opening to the line to clean it and insert an epoxy liquid, which will stick to the walls of the pipe and harden as it cools sealing over any cracks or broken areas of the pipe.


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Sewer repair by trenchless in NJ

Repair broken-pipe by trenchless lining

Epoxy is food safe and is less subject to erosion.  The epoxy lining allows you to repair your broken sewer line or in some sizes a broken main water line without breaking the ground or doing any excavation.

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    A1 completed a total replacement of the sewer pipes in a home I am renovating. Very professional and extremely clean the price was much better than the other contractors that came out for estimates.

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