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Broken Sewer Pipe Repair in NJ

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We offer many inexpensive solutions to repair a broken sewer pipe so you can have your broken sewer pipe fixed quickly and affordable without disrupting your property.

By using our well worn techniques for broken sewer pipe repair, we are able to provide an affordable, quick and painless solution to your broken sewer line, with no guesswork and no delays.

broken sewer line under the house (we also provide trenchless/no-dig / lining & relining pipe repair services.

Best cost repair or replace sewer line

Contact us today at 201-645-0888 for a free estimate or to discuss any questions you may have about sewer repair for broken sewer pipes.

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Sewer pipe repair for a broken sewer pipe in nj can be confusing as the broken pipe is underground and its difficult for you to access the damage and determine whether the repair cost is reasonable.

We are experts in sewer services in nj and have all the equipment and experience with all types of sewer repair techniques to fix, replace and install for home and commercial sewer pipes and sewer lines.

Using a sewer camera inspection, trenchless sewer repair methods, spot excavation repairs and more we are able to diagnose exactly where the problem is and repair the broken sewer pipe only so you do not need to pay for an entire sewer replacement of sewer line.

Sewer line break – #1 Contractors

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Contact us today at 201-645-0888 and take advantage of our free broken sewer line repair cost estimate and affordable broken sewer pipe repair BEST cost in NJ.

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38 reviews for Broken Sewer Pipe Repair Service NJ

  1. elmwood park nj

    Sewer line installation. Our sewer line was shared with the neighbor until he blocked our side of the sewer line with concrete so we need to run a new sewer line hookup. We found A1 honest and reliable. They gave us a lot of good advice.

  2. palisades park nj

    Broken sewer line. We had ongoing backups and the rooter guy said that the sewer line was probably broken somewhere. We did a sewer inspection and found the line was broken. A1 fixed it nicely and we have not had a sewer backup since.

  3. paterson nj

    Commercial sewer line replacement. Our building had a shared sewer with the building next door and we had constant sewer line backups which I am pretty sure were because of the neighbor but we had to pay for half the sewer cleaning each time and I knew a sewer repair or complete sewer replacement was going to be needed soon if it went on like this. So instead of paying for that I decided to get a new sewer line installed for our building alone. Got many estimates from sewer contractors but was most impressed with A1 overall and was very happy with the work.

  4. cliffside park nj

    Main sewer line tree roots. Another sewer contractor inspected our sewer line and said we had tree roots and needed sewer repair and gave us an estimate that I thought was priced too high. We called 3 other sewer contractors and ended up going with A1 who did a great job at a much lower price.

  5. paramus nj

    Collapsed sewer line. We had been having problems with the sewer line in our building and the plumber said the line had collapsed and needed to be replaced. A1 handled the sewer replacement for us excellently. It was completed in a short time and all was approved by the inspector. Thank you!

  6. bergenfield nj

    Damaged sewer line. Our main sewer was clogged every few weeks. A1 did a camera inspection and found a damaged sewer pipe. I was very impressed with this contractor compared to the others I spoke with.

  7. englewood nj

    Main sewer repair. We called the local rooter company for the $49 sewer cleaning and they told us that the sewer line had tree roots and a pipe was broken underground. We called a few sewer contractors and A1 was the most patient with us so we had them over for a sewer inspection and the pipe was broken. A1 repaired it and did a great job, it was very quick and we paid the estimate price.

  8. fair lawn nj

    Main sewer line repair or replacement. My sewer line was leaking outside and into the basement. A1 came out and did an inspection and an estimate. I consulted with other sewer contractors but ended up going with A1 for the sewer repair. Overall everything went smoothly and I would highly recommend them.

  9. fort lee NJ

    Main sewer replacement – Line was inspected and found broken in a few spots. Sewer replacement was done by A1. Service was good and price was fair.

  10. teaneck nj

    New sewer line installation. Our sewer line ran down our backyard and we had ongoing problems with sewer backups and clogs. The town inspectors told us to run a new line to the front of the property instead of sewer line replacement. I was very happy with A1’s service, they handled everything professionally from top to bottom.

  11. hackensack nj

    Main sewer line repair. Our main sewer was broken and full of tree roots tree roots right by the cleanout by the sidewalk. A1 came out and inspected and gave us options and a great price, better than the other contractors we called.

  12. jersey city nj

    Main sewer repair. Had a lot of issues with the underground sewer/drain. The sewer line was broken and leaking. A1 handled it for us. Very happy with price for sewer repair and quality of work.

  13. newark nj

    Main sewer line replacement. Our main sewer line was broken, the clay pipe was smashed. A1 replaced the entire sewer line through excavation, about 100′ long. Finished the work in a few days and for a very reasonable price.

  14. new milford nj

    Sewer line replacement in nj. A1 did an excellent job with house sewer line connection. Sewer line works well now and they even planted new grass for me.

  15. passaic nj

    Broken sewer line repair. A1 gave us a copy of the sewer line inspection video and we got estimates from three other nj sewer contractors for the sewer repair, which were all close or higher. A1 were honest and reliable from the get go so we went with them. Did good work.

  16. elizabeth nj

    Cracked sewer line repair. A1 did an inspection and ended up replacing the entire sewer line as it was old and had cracked pipes in a few places. Quality work and I was very happy with the customer service throughout the whole process.

  17. Lodi

    Thank you!

  18. Hackensack nj

    Connected our building drain to the public sewer. Handled permit with township engineer for new sewer connection and passed plumbing subcode inspection easily. Thank you.

  19. Passaic nj

    Needed a sewer connection brought to grade and finished with a cleanout. A1’s price and service was good.

  20. tenafly nj

    Needed excavation for our sewer pipe laterals. I was very happy with this company’s service.

  21. Ramsey nj

    Had open trenchwork, pipe laying and backfill performed to replace the sewer lateral in our home. Finished the work quickly and the price was good. No complaints.

  22. clifton nj

    Replaced sewer connection lines. Worked clean and the rates were reasonable.

  23. rutherford nj

    They do a lot of sewer line work, worth seeking out their opinion if you have a sewer line issue. They give good advice.

  24. dumont nj

    I had serious sewer drain issues with tree roots, etc. Got the run around from a bunch of others sewer contractors who all said I needed reline the entire sewer line. Called A1 and they showed looked at the sewer video inspection and gave me options to repair sewer line at a much lower cost overall. Very Honest! I will definitely be using them from now on for any plumbing issues.

  25. englewood nj

    Great job from these guys! Cleared out a tons of tree roots from the main sewer line to the street. Will probably need sewer repair down the line, will definitely use A1.

  26. Lodi nj

    Great guys, they helped me with sewer line repairs on a couple of buildings I am in charge of maintenance. They always come on time at the appointment time which is MAJOR because I cannot tell you how much time I waste waiting for contractors. They took care of problems that two other companies couldn’t fix permanently. Definitely will call A1 first next time on any sewer problems.

  27. Clifton nj

    Called in for me by my regular plumber who said that I was having too many sewer clogs and there was probably something wrong with the sewer line underground. Got right to work and ran a camera through the sewer line and found a cracked pipe with tree roots. He gave me the sewer video so I could get estimates for the pipe repair from other contractors but no one had a lower price and these guys really seemed like pros. They ended up doing a great job, on estimate and on time. Highly recommend.

  28. New Milford nj

    These guys know what they’re doing when it comes to sewer line repair.  Very knowledgeable in giving me the lay of the land and answering all my questions.  Prices were fair too. Great sewer contractor to call when you need your sewer lines opened.

  29. paramus nj

    I had a different sewer company come out and start to excavate the sewer line and then never came back! This is my first time dealing with sewer contractors so I had no idea. They kept telling me they would come the next day but never showed up and eventually just stopped answering my calls.  So I had to find someone else to take over and unfortunately A1 Sewer & Drain did not seem surprised at all that this other sewer contractor dumped me, I guess it’s a common thing in NJ!!!. A1 did a great job finishing the sewer repair. They finished in a couple of days and charged me less than the other contractor. Thank you for getting the job done!

  30. ridgewood nj

    Excellent sewer service and very nice people.  We have a very old home in ridgewood with a lot of issues. A1 helped us repair a portion of underground broken sewer pipe and will be replacing the water line shortly.  Very easy to work with, did great work and have great prices. I would highly recommend them for any sewer line or waterline issue.

  31. bergen county

    I am so impressed with A1 sewer & drain. An online request for sewer service was promptly answered by a phone call just a few minutes later. The next day the sewer technicians came and did an extensive sewer inspection to find the sewer line leak. I got to see everything on the camera. We went with CIPP sewer pipe replacement and everything went so easily and smoothly. No hassle at all. Love A1! Thank you.

  32. Fair Lawn nj

    I have used them on own home and my mother’s house. Quality plumbing work that I can trust, low pricing and overall, I don’t feel like I am getting the run around. The techs are always knowledgeable and competent. I will use them again if I have any more plumbing issues.

  33. Bob

    Just bought our house in Creskill and we required a sewer inspection before the purchase. A1 completed the sewer inspection promptly but told us that we had roots in the sewer line and it was just a matter of time before we had a ruptured pipe. They were able to remove the tree roots without excavating the sewer line and then ran a camera through and showed us the all clear. Glad we spent the couple of hundred dollars on sewer inspection or I would have been paying thousands on sewer repair in a year or two. We will use A1 sewer & drain for all of our other future plumbing needs, they were a pleasure to work with.

  34. Al

    The sewer technician showed up on time obviously had handled a broken sewer pipe issues many times before. He walked us through the whole process, showed us exactly what he was seeing with his sewer camera. We could see exactly what needed to be done to fix the problem with our line and gave us a fair estimate for sewer repair. Really did things the right way. Thank you A1.

  35. Teaneck

    A1 has worked on the sewer line on two houses I renovated that needed extensive sewer repair. The most honest and fair priced sewer contractor in NJ.

  36. sewer repair

    Highly recommend! Great experience all around after dealing with a broken sewer pipe and another contractor that abandoned us. A1 came in and repaired the pipe quickly. Thank you.

  37. James

    They work as well as everyone says they do! Thank you!

  38. contractors

    Thank you for wonderful job!

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