In NJ sewer and drain pipes can get clogged occasionally with grease, hair, paper products, or other various debris. However, if they’re clogging constantly, there might be a bigger problem.

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Blocked sewer line with ongoing sewer issues when main sewer line keeps clogging with ongoing sewer problems.

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Jagged areas inside damaged pipes, tree root incursion, or poor sewer and drain maintenance can cause frequent clogs that might require professional sewer cleaning, drain cleaning, or pipe repairs.

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Constantly Clogged?

Often Clogged Drain/Sewer Pipe in NJ?

Some minor drain/sewer clogs can be cleared out with a snake or some drain cleaner.

However, other clogs never seem to clear out completely, building back up soon after you’ve snaked it.

In many cases, these clogs may be located somewhere past the easily accessible U-trap, making them difficult to clear out.

Also, if material is still stuck to the sides of the pipes after drain/sewer cleaning, it provides an area where other materials like dirt, skin flakes, fat/grease, and hair can adhere to the pipes, quickly accumulating into yet another clog.

To avoid clogged drain pipes, the best course of action is to be careful what you flush down the toilet or wash down a sink or bathtub drain. sewer-Pipe-Clogged-nj-sewer-services

Dead skin and hair are hard to keep out of drains, but other items generally get in due to negligence.

Some of the items that most commonly obstruct drain pipes and sewer lines include:

  • Kitchen grease. Clogged kitchen sink drains are very commonly the result of cooking grease that gets washed down into the plumbing pipes. Grease and fat are lipids, specifically trigly. Their chemical structure is hydrophobic, meaning they naturally repel water and don’t break down easily. They stick to pipe walls and quickly accumulate, blocking off water flow. Bacon grease, vegetable oil, and other cooking oils should be disposed of in the trash, not down the drain.
  • Detergent soap scum. Dish detergent is a must-have, especially if you don’t have a working dishwasher. However, the scum from the dish soap can contribute to clogged drains.
  • Food particles. Food particles that make it into the drain pipe can also contribute to clogs. Rice and pasta are major offenders, since they expand in water (even cold or lukewarm water).
  • Hair and skin. Skin cells die and slough off of your skin, especially in the bath or shower. Similarly, hair falls naturally. These commonly clog bathtub and shower drains, often getting caught in the u-trap. There are devices you can buy that will catch hair before it gets into the trap, helping you avoid clogged drains.
  • Venting problems. Wastewater pipes are vented, meaning that air is allowed to enter the pipe as the water drains away. This prevents the formation of a vacuum that would interfere with proper drainage. If the vents are clogged or obstructed, water won’t drain properly. It can also allow sewer gases like hydrogen sulfide to escape through drain openings, producing unpleasant odors.

When a clogged drain pipe gets bad enough, you may find yourself needing a professional drain cleaning service from a local plumber with professional tools and equipment. This is sometimes the only real solution if clogs are frequent and recurring.

Blocked sewer line

Clogged Pipes Repair

Sewer Clogged Pipes Repair in New Jersey

Professional NJ plumbers can use professionally available tools and equipment for truly thorough drain cleaning and sewer pipe cleaning.

Tools like hydro jetting equipment are far more effective at removing debris than chemical drain cleaners or simple drain snakes, and professional cleaning can prevent clogs from reoccurring in the near future.

Clogged sewer line because of tree roots

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