Looking for local pipe replacement service contractors in New Jersey?  We are professional pipe replacement contractors for sewer, drain and water lines serving the Bergen County NJ area.

We can help you with all pipe replacement services:

  • Sewer pipe replacements
  • Drain pipe replacements
  • Drainage pipe replacements
  • Water main pipe replacements
  • Leaking pipe replacement
  • Plumbing supply service line replacement
  • Gas line replacement
  • Underground/under slab/underfloor/under sidewalk pipe replacement service
  • Lead pipe replacement NJ
  • Underground pipe replacements
  • Collapsed sewer pipe replacements
  • Cast iron pipe replacements
  • Orangeburg pipe replacement services
  • Terracotta sewer pipe replacement
  • Under sidewalk drain pipe repair
  • Clay pipe replacement

We have been providing pipe services for so long in NJ we know how to fix underground pipes quickly and at a low price with the best quality NJ pipe replacement.

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Sewer Pipe Line Replacement Services in NJ

Sewer pipe replacement for your sewer pipes on your New Jersey property is something that must be dealt with by NJ contractor that is experienced with underground sewer pipe replacement.

At A1 we specialize in inspecting sewer lines, locating broken sewer pipes and replacing sewer pipes for residential and commercial properties in NJ.  From a broken sewer pipe to a bellied sewer line pipe our sewer pipe replacement team will be able to quickly find the issue and give you the cheapest and most effective method of sewer pipe replacement.

Water Pipe Replacement Services in NJ

Water pipe replacement requires inspection of your underground water line to determine the best method of water pipe replacement.  Very often water pipe replacement services can be completed with trenchless pipe replacement methods which require no digging.  However, very often excavation of the water line is required for water pipe replacement services, and especially for water line replacement.

Pipe replacement and installation services

Drain Pipe Replacement in NJ

Our drain pipe replacement team specializes in underground drain pipe replacement and repairs.  Using modern video camera equipment our team can inspect the condition of your drain pipes and find the exact drain pipe that requires replacement.

under sidewalk - main drain
Under sidewalk repair main drain or replacement plumbers in NJ

We can provide traditional drain pipe replacement through excavation to dig and manually replace an underground drain pipe or trenchless pipe replacement methods to re-line the inside of the broken drain pipe and replace the underground drain pipes like under sidewalk main drain repair or replacement without digging.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Services NJ

Cast iron pipes are very durable and long lasting but some common issues arise with cast iron. Older cast iron that is not coated is subject to scaling.  Cast iron pipes are very heavy ad need to be properly supported or will become disjointed. Poorly connected joints can create a way for tree roots to get into the pipe or to create a sag in the line.

If you need cast iron, terracotta, orangeburg or clay pipe replacement our team has all the most modern equipment needed to clear and replace any cast iron pipes, including water jets, sewer cameras, sewer cleaning machines, excavation machines, trenchless repair tools.

Lead Pipe Replacement Service in NJ

Lead pipes were used for underground plumbing pipes in NJ for many years before they realized that the lead leeched into the water and it was unsafe.  Many older homes in NJ still have lead pipes or fitting that need pipe replacement service.

Lead service lines have been prohibited in most states and the state will often provide loans and other assistance to home owners that need lead pipe replacement service.  If you have lead pipes in your home or business you should have lead pipe replacement service right away for the health of your family and visitors.

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