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Parking lot drainage is essential to every business in NJ, whether it’s a home office, school, retail facility, office building or a large industrial facility, controlling storm water runoff is essential for property owners to protect their investments and avoid flooding and property damage.

flooded parking lot
A flooded drainage parking lot

If your parking lot is flooding or there are areas of pooled water we can help you with drainage line repair or drainage rehab if your current drainage is not working or design and install the best parking lot drainage solution for your unique property.

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A1 drainage contractors NJ have evaluated many different types of properties around NJ for water runoff, pooling and flooding problems and can find the quickest and cheapest drainage cleaning and repair methods that will work long term.

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The primary purpose of drainage in parking lots is to move rain water quickly through the drainage installation to the storm sewer with minimal impact on vehicle and pedestrian traffic and the landscaping.


In addition to provide safe movement for visitors to the property removing  water quickly from the parking lot will prevent water from damaging the surface of your parking lot, preventing cracked asphalt, sinkholes and erosion prolonging the life of the parking lot pavement.


Drainage Repairparking-drainage-paramus

The process of repairing parking lot drainage systems can often mean adjusting the parking lot slope and angles of the asphalt or installing drainage installations to direct the flow of water off your parking lot, including storm drains, catch basins, underground piping and inlet structures.

You can trust the experts at A1 with commercial drainage to keep excess water from flooding your parking lots, parking decks, paved streets, and streetways.

Contact us today for any parking lot drainage repair or for assistance with the design and implementation of a new stormwater conveyance system.

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