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What is water main tapping?water-main

Water main tapping is cutting a hole to tap into and access the water main line and create a new branch connection.  This can be performed on all types of pipe and concrete, plastic polyvinyl chloride pipe (pvc), asbestos-cement pipe, cast iron etc.

We can provide water line connections and water line installations for new water main taps and water line repair and water line replacement for existing taps that are deteriorating and need to be replaced.

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Hot tapping (Live Tapping)

Hot tapping involves making a connection to (tapping into) the water main while it is still operating.  Pipe tapping was traditional only done by turning the water main off and draining it out, thus tapping into it only when the pipe is empty.

With hot tapping shutting the system down is no longer necessary.  We would install a fitting and valve onto the main water line before tapping and this will control the flow of water as we drill the hole into the water main and make the connection.

How pipe tapping works?

The process for pipe tapping into a water main is relatively simple to understand:

  • First tightly secure a fitting onto the water main.
  • Next, install the valve, leaving it open.
  • Then, the tapping machine is secured.
  • Then, the hole is drilled with the tapping machine.
  • Once the drilling is complete, the valve is closed securely.
  • Finally the tapping machine is removed.

A main water line supply connection is an important parts of getting water line service to a property.

Every NJ property a main water tap and a water line to connect to the town clean water supply.  Building a new home, apartment complex, industrial facility or commercial building?  We can help get you connected to the water line quickly and easily.  Call us today for an estimate on your main water line tapping.


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  1. I am a resident of Livingston. As per the town code, We are in need of replacing the current 3/4” water line to the house from the main line with a new 1” line. Since the main line is across the street, “digging up” the street to tap the line is required. Thanks very much.