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A damaged main water line can sometimes quickly become a plumbing emergency needing immediate attention from a professional water line contractor.   At A1 we understand that main water line problems require fast and efficient service to avoid a plumbing emergency and to get a home’s water service restored again.

Contact our main water line replacement/repair team if you suspect a problem with your water main line.  We can provide a fast water line inspection and give you affordable options for water line repair or replacement as needed.



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Make sure you know the signs of a problem with your underground water line.  The following symptoms may mean you have leaks or damage to your underground water lines.

  • Increase in your water bill (if the water line is leaking you will be using more water)
  • Dirty or discolored water in your home (if you have damaged or broken water line contaminants will get into the water)
  • Cracks in your home’s foundation (leaking water will erode the foundation of your home)
  • Drop in water pressure in your home’s plumbing (a water leak in the underground water line will affect the pressure in the pipes)
  • Puddles of water in your yard or overgrown patches (the are of the leaking pipe will pool water and grass in that are may overgrow do to the extra water)

If see any of the above in your Paramus home, contact us to speak to one of our water line experts and schedule an inspection.

Main water line replacement by excavation Paramus Contractor

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Main water line replacement contractors in Paramus

At A1 we offer both water line excavation and trenchless main water line replacement.  Your home’s water line runs underground from your house to the public water main in the street.  This is typically underneath your front yard or driveway.  When a water line inspection identifies a water leak or damaged pipe the water pipe repair will be made by digging up that area of the water line to expose and replace that portion of pipe.

Traditional water line excavation will involve digging trenches around your main water line in order to access the pipes and replace them.   If the water pipe is underneath your landscape, patio, slab, driveway or lawn it may need to be broken through in order to get to the broken pipe.

Main water pipe replacement by trenchless methods

There are cases when excavation of the water line can be avoided and water line replacement can be completed using what are called trenchless methods.  Non-excavation trenchless pipe repair involves lining the inside of the existing broken water line with a PVC/plastic epoxy liner that dries and hardens, lining the inside of the pipe, essentially coasting and repairing the broken pipe.

The pipe is lined by inserting the liner through an existing opening to the water line or by digging a small area to access the underground water line.

Trenchless water line repair methods include:

  • Relining,
  • CIPP,
  • Trenchless
  • Pipe bursting
  • Direct drilling

Main water line repair cost in Paramus New Jersey


Water line repair cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the extent of pipe damage, the condition of your pipes, the location of the pipes and whether excavation is needed or trenchless methods can be used.

After a thorough water line inspection, our water repair experts will give you a full report and a copy of the video showing exactly what is wrong will your water line as well as an estimate and options for water line replacement.

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