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Do you need sewer replacement for your NJ home or business?  We can help you with any sewer repair services in NJ.

We offer traditional sewer replacement with excavation and broken pipe replacement as well as trenchless sewer line replacement.

Our sewer contractors technicians have years of experience with sewer replacement in NJ and will be able to quickly assess your problem and help find the solution that will be the fastest, most affordable and effective for your New Jersey property.

Replace sewer line from house to street

Sewer Replacement in New Jersey

While many sewer blockages can be handled with a sewer cleaning machine, sometimes if you find that your sewer is blocked repeatedly it is likely because your main sewer line is broken and needs repair.

Sewer lines are underground and can be affected by growing tree roots, shifting earth, weather effects, etc.  We will use a sewer video camera to electronically inspect the underground sewer pipe and find the exact location of the broken sewer pipe.

Changing a sewer line?

Once we have located the exact problem we can excavate only in the area of the sewer pipe replacement to replace the broken sewer pipe. The pipeline inspection is extremely important to investigate the cause of the sewer problem and determine the best solution so we can provide you with the best low cost sewer solution and price.  No Guesswork!

Excavation is your typical sewer pipe replacement that has been done for decades, and is often still the most affordable option to repair sewer lines.

Today we also have other options and can do a conventional sewer line replacement, trenchless sewer line replacement, and if your sewer problem is caught early enough, sewer pipe lining may also be an option.

Trenchless Main Sewer Line Replacement contractors

We also offer a no-dig solution for sewer line replacement.  The traditional method of sewer replacement is to dig the broken pipe up and replace the pipe.

Trenchless main sewer repair/replacement is still often a very effective and cost efficient method, but sometimes if the broken pipe is under your driveway, porch or expensive landscaping the added expense of excavating those areas and then returning them to their original condition can make the traditional excavation sewer repair method very expensive and disruptive to surrounding neighbors and businesses.

Trenchless sewer line installation / replacement requires no excavation.  The existing openings to the sewer line are used to reline a portion or the entire length of your existing sewer line with a brand new seamless epoxy liner.

The new pipe liner will leave your sewer line working properly again and will last for at least another 50 years.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

  • Repairs cracked sewer pipes or broken pipes without excavation
  • Can be completed in one or two days
  • Often costs less than sewer line replacement excavation.
  • No destruction to your home’s driveway or landscape
  • Can replace missing pipe sections

Sewer Line Replacement Costs in NJ

Sewer line replacement should be done by an experienced sewer company in NJ; get a variety of quotes as there will be a difference in price if the sewer contractor does not have the right experience or equipment.

The costs of sewer line replacement in NJ can differ depending on the methods uses and much more:

main-sewer-replacement-njSewer Replacement by Excavation

  • The traditional dig-up-and-replace method for sewer replacement requires excavating a long, deep trenches around the existing sewer line to remove the broken sewer pipes and install new ones. This method can cost depending on the length and depth of the existing pipes, local rates and the ease of access.  If there is no expensive landscaping or paving that would need to be dug up this type of sewer replacement can be a good option for replacing a  sewer line and typically costs between $3,000 to $6,000. However, if the sewer line runs through an area that is more difficult to dig up or if the connection to the town sewer system is in the street it can cost more.

Sewer Replacement by Trenchless Methods

  • Trenchless sewer replacement uses uses the existing openings to the sewer line so there is minimal sewer excavation cost — There are two types of trenchless pipe repair methods:
  • Sewer replacement by trenchless pipe-bursting –  This method uses a special machine that pulls a bursting head through the sewer line and breaks and pushes out the old broken pipe while pulling through and installing a new high-density polyethylene pipe in its place. This method of sewer replacement will usually cost a little less than excavation for the average sewer line depending on the type, length and depth of the existing sewer line, and there may be some sidewalk repairs.
  • Sewer replacement contractor by trenchless slip-lining or relining – This method lines the inside of your existing sewer pipe with a new, slightly smaller-diameter epoxy liner can typically cost a little more than excavation.

Contacting a – Sewer Replacement Contractor in NJ

Although trenchless repair methods are becoming very common in the plumbing industry, not all plumbing contractors have the experience and training in this method to do it right.

As a long time NJ sewer repair contractor providing best sewer repair services we have extensive experience with sewer replacement service through excavation and have become experts in trenchless sewer line replacement.

Contact us A1 today for a free cost consultation and estimate to determine the best sewer replacement price and service options for you.

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