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House Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in your house can mean that your water line is clogged, leaking or broken. Its important to get an experienced water main repair contractor to inspect your home’s main water pipe line and determine the proper main water line repair.

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All of our water pipe repair services start with video camera inspection of your underground pipes to find out exactly what the problem is so we can find the cheapest solution for your water line problem.

Low water pressure can be caused by a clog in the main water line or a broken water line.  Its important to know exactly what type of water main service is needed before we start digging up your water line.

If you think you may have lack of water pressure contact us at  201-645-0888.  We can perform a test to determine exactly what is causing your low water pressure in your house and give you a free estimate on how to fix it.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

There can be many different causes for low water pressure but the most common issues with the water line that we find are:

  • closed valves – sometimes your main water valve gets turned accidentally.
  • clogged water line – a clogged pipeline will result in low water flow.
  • corrosion or mineral deposit buildup – corrosion of your water line or mineral buildup is more serious and will require water pipe repair or complete water line replacement.
  • water leaks – A leak in your water line will reduce the water flow, increase your water bill and can damage your water line over time.
  • tree roots in the water line – tree roots can break the water line when looking for water and then continue to grow in the line.
  • water line belly – a belly in the water line will create low flow as the slope of the pipe is affected.


Clogged pipeline

A clogged water line means that a portion of the inner diameter of the water pipe is blocked by something inside the pipe.

The water line pipes supply clean water from the city water main to your home.  The dirty water coming out of your home goes out through the sewer line.  So a clogged water line will not be the result of anything you have flushed down your sink or toilet but can only be from build-up due to the interaction of the water and the metal pipe, such as rust, mineral deposits, or other debris in the pipe.

The reduction in pipe diameter means a that the water flow through your plumbing fixtures are reduced. Water flow may seem normal when you first turn on the faucet but it quickly reduces to a slower flow and less water pressure.

Any plumber will tell you this is likely clogged water piping, but as the water lines are underground we need to investigate further with a sewer video inspection to see how extensive the clogging is, what the cause is and how extensive is the damage; is the water line broken or cracked?

Call us today at 201-645-0888 to have our certified water line technician inspect your house water lines and give you a free estimate on water line repair.

Solving Low Water Pressure Issues

To determine the cause of your low water pressure we will run a camera down the water line to see what the problem is.


Once we determine the cause of your low water pressure issue, we can explain your water line repair and replacement options and give you a quote.

A break or crack in your underground water pipe line can often be repaired by replacing a small section of the water line using spot repair excavation at the exact site of the broken pipe or through trenchless water pipe repair methods.

In the case of corrosion, tree roots or a bellied line, digging up the water line to gain access for water main repair or replacement may be necessary.

Contact us today at 201-645-0888 to ask any questions you may have or schedule an appointment for water line services in Bergen County NJ and the surrounding area.

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