Underground Pipe Repair Wyckoff NJ

Ivy Lane, Wyckoff New Jersey

underground pipe repair

Did a very professional job repairing an underground pipe that was outside under my foundation and concrete pad. Price was good and work was done quickly. They also did a good job putting everything back together when they were done replacing the pipe underground. Seemed like a complicated job to me and I was nervous about it but they seemed to know what they were doing and made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend. Elaine

Underground Pipe Repair

If you are having problems with underground utility lines like a water line or sewer line, contact A1 for help.  There are a variety of issues that cause backups and other problems with utility lines. Because the line is underground we can’t see what is wrong visually, so we usually start by running a small camera through the line and doing a full inspection of the underground line by camera.  This way we can identify what is wrong and where the problem is located.   The most common issues with underground pipes that we encounter are:

  • Damaged pipes. Broken, cracked or ruptured pipes trapping debris and causing backups.
  • Pipe Movement. Sagging pipes, pipe bellies or misaligned pipes disrupting water flow.
  • Tree Roots.  Tree roots have broken through the pipe looking for water and blocking the pipe.
  • Old pipes. Old pipes will have significant corrosion and a lot of cracks that can no longer be repaired effectively.

Repair of Underground Pipe in Wyckoff NJ Plumbers