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Had A1 come in for main sewer line replacement in our Paramus home. They impressed us with their knowledge of the sewer replacement options and a fair estimate. I was glad we chose them. They showed up on time made fast work of replacing our main sewer line. No tricks or games, just good honest work. Thank you! Ron

5 Common Reasons for Sewer Line Replacement

  • Old sewer line.  A sewer line can last decades, but many homes in NJ are older and have sewer lines that are corroded, broken in multiple places or are made out of outdated materials. In these cases sewer replacement makes more sense than sewer repair and will be more affordable.
  • Tree roots have broken the sewer line.  Tree roots can cause sever damage to sewer lines in NJ. The roots are attracted to the water and can put enough pressure on the pipe to break it and grow inside the pipe. Typically, the tree roots will cause frequent backups and will be fixed by clearing the backups and removing the tree roots. But eventually the tree roots will break the line too many times or in too many places and sewer line replacement will be needed.
  • Bellied Sewer Line. A sewer belly, also called a sewer sag, is a dip in the line.  Debris gets stuck in the dip and disrupts the water flow. Sewer replacement is the best option as the pipes will need to be replaced and re-bedded so they have proper foundation and structure and do not dip again.
  • Correcting Sewer Slope.  Sometimes shifting soil will cause the sewer pipes will get misaligned, break or shift and this will the slope of the line and affect the flow of water. The sewer line is typically sloped so water will flow by gravity rather than being pumped by machine, if the pipes move and the slope changes the line will get backed up. Sewer line excavation will likely be needed to replace the pipes and correct the slope.
  • Sewer pipes are broken or cracked. Typically sewer replacement is needed when a sewer pipe is broken or cracked, particularly if you have a broken pipe under the slab or near the curb.

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