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Needed to install a new connection from the building drain to the public sewer.  Our maintenance team spoke to lot of sewer contractors and we decided to go with A1 because of price but also because they seemed to have the most experience with sewer lines in commercial businesses and were very creative with troubleshooting. Did a good job installing the building sewer lateral and kept to the estimate.  They will definitely be our go-to from now on for any sewer or drain issues. Tom in Garfield nj

New Sewer Line Installation Options:

  • New sewer line for new home or building.
  • Septic to sewer conversion that need news sewer lines laid to hookup to the city sewer system.
  • Sewer line extension for a new addition to a home or building.
  • Removal of old sewer line and replacement with new sewer line installation for home renovations.

Our services in Garfield NJ

utility construction installation highway
Utility construction installation highway
  • any pipe install under building, slab or concrete in Garfield NJ
  • Sewer replacement in Garfield NJ
  • Lateral repair and installation Garfield NJ
  • water main replacement and new water line installation Garfield NJ

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Building Sewer Lateral Installation in Garfield NJ