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Lead water main line replacement is an important water contractor service. call today to get the best price and service for water main replacement. Do you have lead pipes in your home? Lead exposure, even in small amounts, may cause health problems. If your home was built before 1985 it may have lead water pipes, the solder in your plumbing could be made partially of lead, and sometimes even older brass faucets and valves can have lead.


If the lead has leached into your home’s water, you may not know as the lead does not make the water see, taste, or smell different than regular water. It is best to have a professional water line contractor inspect your home’s water line pipes and determine if they contain lead and need to be replaced.

Lead water pipe replacement contractors Newark NJ

Ingesting lead is very dangerous, it is connected with behavior and learning problems in kids, and high blood pressure and kidney problems in adults. There are Lead and Copper Rules that require water line replacement or at least partially replacing lead water pipes.

If you have an old home or otherwise suspect that you may have lead water pipes contact us right away for a home inspection of your plumbing.

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Lead pipes in service line can leech lead into the water running through the pipes due to corrosion of the metal which dissolves or flakes away into the running water.

We can help you find out whether your drinking water is at risk in a few simple steps. You won’t need anything fancier than a magnet and a coin, but you will need to be at home to follow along.

Protect your home and family by investing in lead water line replacement services from the New Jersey region’s most qualified plumbing team. We are also a service provider of SUEZ Water utility company for water lines replacement projects in NJ

If you suspect you may have lead water pipes or there may be lead used in some of your home’s plumbing, trust us for complete water line pipe replacement services.

Copper Pipe

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Copper pipes have been used for water service supply line installation in NJ for many years. Copper water line pipes are very durable and have a lower risk of cracking and corrosion.

However, copper pipes are more expensive than PVC and they could have a problem with copper leaching into the water standing in the pipe line.

Copper pipes in old homes may leach less than newer ones as they may have developed an internal coating of minerals from the years of water exposure. The mineral coating keeps the underlying copper from contaminating the water.

However, older copper water lines often used lead to solder the the pipe joints together.  This lead can be dangerous as it can leach into the water.

If you have an older copper water line in your home, contact us today for an inspection to determine if they contain lead and need water pipe repair.

Lead in water

Lead in water systems is the largest possible source of exposure in the United States.  That is because, in many homes, the pipe that connects the building’s plumbing to the water system is still made of lead.

Millions of homes in the U.S. still have lead underground water line pipes that connect their home to the public water main in the street.

Lead service lines result in lead in drinking water, which is dangerous to the health of any person ingesting the water.

Replacement of the entire lead water service line must be replaced to make the water safe.  Contact us for assistance if you have a lead service line in your nj home.

Lead Service Line Replacement

If you do find lead, contact us at 201-645-0888 so we can price a lead pipe replacement for you. We provide water line repair services and sewer repair services in NJ.

Lead Water Service Line Replacement

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