If you find that your sewer system is repeatedly backing up over and over again within a relatively short period of time and you keep having to have sewer cleaning performed on the lateral sewer system you should contact a professional lateral sewer main line repair contractor in NJ as soon as possible to determine if there is an issue with the structure of your lateral sewer line.

A1 is an expert NJ sewer repair company that is professional, knowledgeable, and capable of diagnosing your issue correctly and fixing sewer repair and ongoing sewer problems fast and for a reasonable price.

Lateral sewer line repair services in NJ

Lateral Sewer Repair in NJ

We will arrive ready to diagnose your problem by running a sewer camera down your sewer lateral line.  This will give us an inside look at your sewer line system and will let us know exactly what and where the sewer problem is with your sewage lateral sewer system.

Once we know the exact problem and location we can provide sewer repair options based on the conditions and your budget. These may include:

  • lateral junction repair
  • sanitary sewer pipe repair
  • sewer line excavation and repair
  • trenchless sewer repair
  • CIPP sewer repair
  •  Junction pipe repair
  • Sewer line bursting
  • sewer relining
  • main sewer line replacement NJ
  • sewer pipe spot excavation and replacement

Sewer Lateral Line Repair Contractor in NJ

Our goal is to give you reliable service and affordable options whether you just want to repair your sewer lateral to get it functioning again or want to replace a sewer pipe or the entire sewer line to ensure that you won’t have sewer line problems anymore for years to come.

We have experience all types of methods of repairing and replacing sewer pipes and repairing any yard or landscape damage so it will look like new.

We have a longstanding reputation in NJ for trustworthy sewer repair – we always provide up front pricing and in most cases, we can complete the repair in one day.

Sewer Line Replacement NJ

Need the best price for lateral sewer line repair sewer line replacement in nj? Call us today to get the best price and services of any size of sewer line replacement.

Contact us today at 201-645-0888 for free advice and a free estimate for any lateral sewer repair in New Jersey.

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  1. break in the street

    Hello, I live in Ridgefield NJ. I recently had a contractor out to jet and run a camera in main sewer line. Line on the property is pvc. But at curb they say it’s changed to clay. And say camera shows pipe has a break in the street. Wanted to see if I could maybe get a quote on what it would cost to fix it.