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House sewer problems in NJ can cause a lot of anxiety when your home sewer backs up repeatedly and you don’t know why.

Home sewer problems with sewer pipe backups that are cleaned by an nj plumber and then sewer backups issues reoccur again a short time later usually mean that your house’s underground sewer line is not intact and needs sewer repair.

backs up

Hard to clean a sewer backup

We often get these types of calls where an ordinary New Jersey plumber is called to clean a sewer line and clear a sewer backup.

The plumber may snake the sewer line and clear the backup, typically at a pretty inexpensive price and goes on his merry way. Usually, that’s the end of it.

But sometimes a few weeks or a few months later the sewer line clogs again. If this happens often enough, the plumber himself will usually tell you that you probably have a broken sewer pipe in the underground sewer line that is causing the repeated backups in your house.


Avoiding sewer problems

Sewer line problems are the usually the last thing you want to hear, but its not the end of the world.

It can be daunting because your sewer line is underground and residential sewer problems in your house can mean major structural repairs,  like digging up the sewer line and having it repaired or replaced, not an expense anyone wants.


But the best thing you can do is get the sewer line inspected and repaired right away before the problem grows.

Some problems can be fixed in a day or two with sewer repair, and sometimes with trenchless sewer repair that doesn’t require digging up the sewer line.

The type of residential sewer line problems we typically find is a short one and there are many options for repair.

House Sewer Problems list: basement

This type of sewer line problems in NJ of frequent sewer clogs can be a sign of a variety of sewer problems:

sewer with tree
Sewer with tree roots
  • Home sewer with tree roots
  • basement sewer backup
  • Sewer backups even after cleaning the main line
  • Sewer line back pitched
  • Sewer belly in the line
  • Debris blocking the sewer pipe
  • crack pipe
  • sewer tree roots

Whatever the sewer problem may be, we can help you repair a sewer line quickly and at a good price. Call us today if you think you may have a sewer problem and we would be happy to tell you about the process and your options for sewer repair.

Home Sewer Backups

basement-backup-sewer problems

If a home sewer clogged over and over then there is something wrong with the sewer line and you need to call NJ sewer contractors to inspect the sewer line and determine what is wrong.

For a sewer testing/inspection we run a small camera down the sewer line so we can see the inside of the sewer pipe and where the sewer problem may be.  Typically, we find that the sewer blockage is caused by water not flowing freely through the sewer line because of one of the following sewer pipe issues: sewer-issues-in-nj

  • A broken sewer pipe
  • A portion of the sewer line collapsed
  • Tree roots have broken a sewer pipe
  • The sewer line is old and has corroded

These types of sewer line problems typically will require sewer repair, either through excavation of the sewer line or with trenchless sewer repair.

Either way, once you have the sewer line inspection video and report you can talk to different sewer line contractors in New Jersey for their recommendation for sewer repair and get quotes for the sewer repair easily.

Call us today for any house sewer line problems in NJ. We are NJ home sewer backups contractors for residential sewer line problems.

We have handled all different types of sewer issues in NJ and know how to solve your sewer line problems quickly and at a good price.

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House Sewer Problems and Repair

Back pitched sewer

Sewer slope and back pitched sewer line Back pitched sewer lines are caused by the slope



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