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Sewer Clogged Repair

When your NJ home’s plumbing pipes back up most of the time it is a simple sewer clog that can be cleared by an ordinary local plumber with a snake.  This is very common service that can cost even less than $100 and does not require any special sewer expertise.


As NJ sewer repair contractors we usually get a call when the plumber tried to snake the clogged sewer line and the snake was not able to clear the line because of an obstruction or the snake got stuck; this is usually a sign of a cracked or broken sewer pipe.

Ongoing clogged sewer line


Clogged line with tree roots

Tree roots in the main sewer line

Drain Clogged Repairs

If the drain clog cannot be cleared with a snake you most likely need to call a sewer water & drainage contractor to diagnose the problem by performing a sewer camera inspection.  A sewer cideo inspection is a small video camera that is threaded down the sewer line that allows the drain contractor to see what is going on in the clogged underground pipe in order to find the right solution without guesswork or excavating the pipe.  A video inspection of the sewer line may cost a few hundred dollars or more.


Repair/Replacement/Installation Services

A video inspection may find many possible reasons for your home’s clogged drain or in case of repair replacement or new pipe installation including:

  • tree roots in the sewer line
  • a broken or cracked underground pipe
  • a bellied sewer pipe
  • sewer lateral sag
  • a channeled sewer pipe
  • a leaking underground sewer pipe
  • a collapsed sewer line
  • house sewer pipe connection reconnect/disconnect

Unclogged Drainage Repair

Drainage repair of a broken or cracked pipe may cost a few thousand dollars or more so a video inspection is a good idea to determine exactly why the pipe is clogged and where it is clogged.  Sometimes the sewer line is not yet in need of drainage repair because of a broken pipe, it may be tree roots in the sewer line or other debris that can be cleared with the hydrojetting method of sewer cleaning.


However, if your sewer line is broken, corroded or bellied the hydrojet cleaning method may cause additional stress to the weakened sewer line resulting in more damage to the sewer pipe.

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  1. our main drain has issues over and over and we cannot use the water or the sewer without having sewer leak on the fort yard something is wrong with the sewer pipe we are located in Livingston NJ please call me at

  2. Sewer line in my house was repeatedly clogged, plumber now says its broken. How do we fix it?

    Hello. This is a common issue. First we will put a sewer line camera down your line so we can see where it is broken and the condition of the rest of the sewer line so we can determine what is the most effective and cheapest sewer line repair for you. Call us to make an appointment.

  3. I have an issue with when i wash clothes when i rinse them it backs up with air bubbles in my toilet . This just happened,last year,i have alot of iron in my water,im not sure where the clog might be but it seems logical that its in my sewer pipe repair .please call me.Ellen