Force main line from pump tank to the city sewer connection.  A force main is a type of sewer line system that uses pumps to move water through.

Typically a sewer line is designed so that water is moved through by gravity, but sometimes that is not possible and pumps are necessary to move wastewater through the sewer line.

Force main sewer

New Jersey force main sewer

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Ejector pump pit installation

Force main installation plumbers contractors New Jersey

Ejector pump pit installation is required in cases where the main sewer line installation is at a higher elevation than the connections to the city sewer (typically found in the street).

Gravity will not push the water through so in this type of force main line an ejector pump pit is required to move waste and water through the sewer line.

Sewer Line Installation with Ejector Pump

A1 is following the subcode sewer and wastewater guidelines installation, repair or replacement – An ejector pump is an electric pump that moves water from a lower level to a higher level.

Ejector pumps are often used for below ground areas that are at risk of flooding, like basements, to keep them dry.

In cases where all or part of a sewer line is below the elevation of the house or the street public sewer connection main sewer line installation may include one or more ejector pumps.

The pump is needed to move the water uphill through the underground pipes.

Force main sewer line install in NJ

Force main sewer with street connection

A sewer line installed with ejector pumps is called a force main sewer.

The ejector pumps create a pressurized sewer pipe that moves water from lower sewer pipes to higher sewer pipes with the pressure from one or more ejector pumps installed in points along the length of the sewer line.

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