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We are long term NJ excavation contractors and a sewer repair, excavation and site development contractor in NJ with an excellent reputation for our honesty, integrity, and top quality work.

Throughout NJ we provide full excavation, sewer lines, concrete work, demolition, site work and more and specialize in site preparation and development, water lines, all sewer line installation and repair &  septic installation and repair.

Excavation Services in NJ

We can provide all the excavation services needed to make any commercial, residential, industrial or municipal excavation project run smoothly to success.

We have the expertise and equipment for all types of excavation services in nj, including

  • Residential excavation
  • Commercial nj-excavation
  • Industrial
  • Municipal excavating
  • Site work
  • Precision grading
  • Sewer pits excavating
  • Drainage solutions
  • pipe replacement
  • Sewer line repair in nj
  • Line boring
  • Grading and drainage corrections
  • Commercial grading
  • Demolition, clearing and disposal
  • New home and subdivision development
  • Driveway removal and construction
  • Dig basements
  • water mains
  • sewer line excavation
  • Commercial excavation – small office buildings, restaurants, and warehouses
  • Concrete removal – driveways, foundations, and pools
  • Remodel additions of any size
  • Swimming pool demolition installation or removal

Excavation Process

Excavation is more than just clearing the land. Often we need to ensure the ground can hold the weight intended for it.  Sometimes we need to clear the land but maintain certain trees, shrubs and other landscaping.

Sometimes excavation involves removing structures, boulders and trees and other landscaping.  Sometimes is about digging a trench for sewer or water lines.  Every excavation project is different.

The process for excavation generally includes the following:

  • clearing land
  • rough staking and conducting measurements
  • preparing equipment
  • transporting and storing dirt fill
  • fill dirt & land grading inspection
  • excavation
  • compaction testing
  • erosion & sediment control


Affordable Excavation Contractor Near Me

We work hard to keep our costs competitive and our project timelines as short as possible, without sacrificing the quality of our work.  Our internal infrastructure is low so we can keep our prices affordable.

If you are looking for an affordable excavation contractor in NJ give us a call for a free estimate.  We will do our best to provide a cheap excavation price and good quality work.

We offer a free, no obligation, estimate on a variety of excavation services for property owners and contractors.

Call us today at 201-645-0888 to discuss your project whether you need us to diagnose a repair, or estimate a demolition, excavation, or structural fill dirt project.

Same Day Construction Excavation Services

New Home/Sold Home Tank RemovalExcavating-Contractors-new-jersey

Commercial Property Excavation

When you need asphalt repair or new paving for a driveway or walkway, you have to excavate the area first to remove the old, damaged materials and creates a uniform surface for the new pavement.

Without a quality excavation and a smooth surface underneath, the new asphalt could crack in the same way again.

sewer line replacement near

Sewer line repairs

  • Call us for the best price and services with all related sewer line repair needs. we can save you up to 50% of your sewer repair cost compare to other sewer companies in NJ

Sewer line replacement

Call today to ger any sewer line replacement job at the best cost and service.


  • Utility excavation
  • under public street
  • replace pipe under concrete
  • pipe replacement under the slab
  • replacement under sidewalk


You can trust us to complete your job correctly the first time!

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How is excavation carried out out of site? call us today and we will provide you with the best price and advice.

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Excavation Contractors NJ

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Not all sewer pipe problems can be fixed with simple sewer repair services Although most residential and

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Sewer Pipe Repair In New Jersey Using Sewer Pipe Excavation and Sewer Relining for Damaged Pipes

Excavation versus Trenchless

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