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Sewer repair or water main repair in NJ has traditionally required extensive excavation of the sewer line, with contractors digging sizeable trenches to gain access to broken or damaged sewer pipes.

Although sewer excavation is still sometimes necessary, especially for sewer pipe replacement, many routine sewer repair services in NJ can now be carried out without any digging at all.

Trenchless sewer repair is a set of techniques that allow sewer repair contractors in NJ to access and repair sections of sewer pipe, without needing to access them directly by digging.


Sewer inspection camera systems have helped to make trenchless sewer repair more widespread throughout North America, helping many homeowners tackle sewer repair problems without worrying about ruining their landscaping.


Trenchless Excavation

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the sewer line

sewer line repair in new jersey – Trenchless is a pipe repair method without the underground excavation across the property

Excavation for Sewer Repair in NJ

Excavation used to be the primary method for sewer repair contractors in NJ to gain access to sewer pipes in order to fix problems.

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It’s still used in some cases where trenchless repairs aren’t feasible, but nowadays, it’s largely relegated to sewer installation and sewer pipe replacement.

Sewer excavation is an intensive process requiring heavy digging machinery, and it’s bad news for homeowners and business owners who’ve invested heavily in their lawn and landscaping.

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Sewer excavation may also require contractors to damage driveways, patios, and other paved areas, depending on where the sewer main line on a property is located.

If the area of the line that needs sewer repair is free from obstacles sewer excavation is often a low cost sewer repair option that can be completed quickly, but if you have elaborate landscaping, patios, driveways or drainage installations above the sewer line, sewer repair by excavation may not be the most low-cost option.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs in NJ

Trenchless sewer repairs in NJ provide a welcome alternative to messy sewer excavation. Using trenchless techniques, contractors can patch up or replace broken pipes without the need to access the sewer line directly for sewer repair.

There are several different methods for trenchless sewer repair without sewer excavation:

  • Sewer pipe lining – Sewer pipe lining, often CIPP (cure-in-place-pipe) lining, patches up cracks and holes in somewhat damaged sewer lines. Using existing access points, a soft, flexible resin and plastic tube is pulled into the sewer pipe, where heat and steam are used to harden it in place. This creates a solid “pipe within a pipe” that covers any holes and cracks, without significantly reducing the width of the pipe for water to flow through.
  • Pipe bursting – trenchless pipe bursting is used for seriously broken or collapsed pipes in NJ. Pipe bursting is designed to completely remove and replace a section of sewer pipe, without the need for any invasive sewer repair excavation. A specialized piece of machinery called a “bursting head” is attached to a cable. The bursting head is pulled through the sewer line, where it fractures the old pipe apart and pushes it away. Behind the burst head is a new section of pipe, which is pulled gradually into place. Pipe bursting can successfully replace up to 400 meters of damaged pipe, all without any sewer repair excavation.

Excavation Line Repair VS Trenchless Pipe Repair

Water line replacement without excavation 


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