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Experienced Excavation Contractors NJ

Sewer excavation is a complex process that involves heavy machinery, possible disruption to paved areas, and significant safety concerns.   In short, it’s a job for the pros. At A1 excavation contractors services in NJ, we’ve been in the sewer service business for decades.


We’re not just ordinary plumbers: our team of experienced sewer repair and sewer excavation contractors have spent years of educational training, apprenticeship, and on-the-job experience learning the nuances of successful, safe sewer excavation.

NJ Excavation Safety and Solutions

Not just anyone can excavate a sewer line safely and successfully. According to statistics from the Occupational Safely and Health Administration (OSHA), excavation work has a fatality rate 112% higher than other types of excavation work.

Cave-ins, gas leaks from disrupted natural gas lines, failure to properly inspect the trench, and other issues can cost workers their lives. For this reason, we take excavation safety seriously. No matter how good you are with household plumbing and drain repairs, sewer excavation should never be a DIY project.

When we need to excavate for sewer replacement or repair, planning ahead is vital. Excavation contractors in NJ need to:

  • Evaluate soil conditions
  • utility excavation contractors nj
  • Construct adequate protection systems
  • Locate underground utilities, especially natural gas lines
  • Test for low oxygen, hazardous fumes, and toxic gases in the excavation area
  • Ensure safe access to and from the trench
  • Inspect the excavation site daily, especially after rainstorms and other events that can increase hazards for workers

As you can see, sewer excavation is no small task. At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we have the skills, training, and expert knowledge to handle all your sewer excavation and sewer line installation needs.

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NJ Sewer Excavation – Sewer Line Installation – Sewer Line Replacement in NJ

nj-sewer-excavationAs excavation contractors in NJ, we need to dig in almost every case if you need a new sewer line installed, or if you need full sewer line replacement for a burst, collapsed, or severely degraded sewer pipe.

Within the last twenty years, new developments in trenchless sewer repair technologies, combined with fiber optic sewer inspection camera technology, have eliminated the need for costly, disruptive excavation for many relatively minor repairs for underground pipes.

However, if you need to install a new sewer line, or replace an existing one, there’s almost always no way around it: we’re going to have to dig.

When Will We Need to Excavate?

Sewer excavation is needed for the vast majority of sewer line replacement and new sewer line installation jobs. To put in a new pipe, we need to excavate a trench, into which the pipe is laid and later backfilled to bury it underground.

We do not need to excavate for quite a few types of more minor repairs, such as cracks and pinhole leaks inside a sewer pipe.

If the pipe has retained its overall structural integrity and has not been weakened to the point of immanent collapse, we can often use trenchless solutions like sewer relining to stop leaks and keep out invasive tree roots.

To minimize cost and disruption for New Jersey homeowners and business, we try to find alternatives to sewer excavation whenever possible.

However, if your sewer line has collapsed, is severely corroded and degraded, or otherwise can’t safely be salvaged, we may have to excavate to replace it.

Situations in which you’ll need sewer excavation in nj for sewer line replacement include:

  • Very old sewer pipes. Old sewer pipes are a ticking time bomb, due to age and ongoing corrosion that significantly weaken the pipes over many decades of continual use. Depending on the pipe material, you may need to replace sewer lines that are over 50 years old.
  • Collapsed sewer pipes. A weakened and degraded sewer pipe can collapse completely due to loss of structural integrity from widespread and advanced corrosion, tree root incursion, and other causes.

The Sewer Excavation Process in NJ

Sewer excavation contractors in NJ will use heavy equipment, such as trucks equipped with hydro excavators, to create a trench into which we’ll lay your new sewer pipe.

The following is a rundown of the step-by-step process of sewer excavation for new sewer line installation or sewer line replacement:

  1. Measurement and preparation. We need to measure the length of the new sewer pipe, analyze the local soil, and inspect the elevation and topography of the area. We need to account for proper slope for gravity sewer lines, as well as avoiding the hazards of unstable soil.
  2. Once we’ve surveyed the area, we’ll need to calculate the pitch for the new sewer pipe. The angle at which the pipe is installed is important to ensure that liquids and solids flow at the same rate, via the force of gravity, to reach the city sewer mains or your septic tank and drainfield. The drop per foot should be ¼”. This allows solid materials and liquids to flow at an equal rate, preventing the pipe from backing up with accumulated solids waste.
  3. A trench is created in the soil. At the bottom, loose dirt is removed to create a smooth, flat surface. In softer soils, we may add course sand to prevent the new pipe from buckling downwards.
  4. After the pipe is laid and installed, the trench will be backfilled the conceal the pipe underground. The top of the pipe will be covered with sand or gravel, then soil is backfilled on top.

Sewer excavation may seem very complicated and expensive but it often can be done in one or two days with minimal disruption to your property.

Things to Keep In Mind About NJ Sewer Excavation

sewer-line-installation-replacement-njWhen it comes to sewer excavation in New Jersey, many homeowners and businesses aren’t sure what to expect. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Excavation can take a while. It can take a matter of days for excavation contractors in NJ to safely install your new sewer pipe. You may also have heavy equipment on your property.
  • Excavation disrupts your lawn and landscaping. Because we need to dig a trench, your lawn and landscaping plants will be torn up. A couple of months after the process is complete and your new sewer line is installed, you can reseed the area to restore your lawn.
  • Excavation may require contractors to tear up driveways and other paved areas. It’s an unfortunate fact of sewer excavation that sometimes, you may need to sacrifice a driveway or patio. Ideally, paved areas should not be built directly above an underground pipe, but sometimes, these areas are installed long after the initial sewer line was installed. There have been cases where additions have illegally been added over a sewer line, causing immense problems for the new homeowner that bought the house when the line suddenly needed to be replaced. Always know where your sewer line is located.
  • Excavation for municipal sewer services can disrupt traffic flow and block business entrances. Entire streets can be closed off for several days during municipal sewer service excavation. This is a matter of concern for city planners, and city sewer repair and replacement is often scheduled in a way that minimizes widespread disruption as much as possible.

Sewer Excavation Cost: Get The Facts from NJ Excavation Contractors

The cost of sewer excavation isn’t constant or set in stone, and can vary depending on your situation. Unfortunately, repairs for your sewer line are seldom covered by your homeowner’s insurance, and as long as the break or collapse is on your property, it falls under your responsibility rather than the city’s.

Sewer excavation in New Jersey can cost anywhere from $2,000$10,000, making it a significant unexpected expense if you need urgent sewer replacement or repair. Annual sewer maintenance and timely minor sewer repairs can help you catch problems early, allowing you to plan ahead for eventual sewer replacement by #1 sewer replacement company in nj.

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we provide a FREE cost estimate for all sewer excavation, replacement, installation, and repair jobs.

Feel free to call us any time to schedule a same-day consultation with our experienced NJ sewer excavation contractors.

Excavation vs Trenchless – Service for Sewer Pipe Repair

trenchless-sewer-repair-njIn some cases, you may not need sewer excavation at all. Since the 1990s, significant advancements have occurred in trenchless sewer repair technology.

For many smaller sewer repairs, trenchless solutions have all but eliminated the need for costly, disruptive excavation.

It’s easier for homeowners, it’s cost-effective, and it’s faster and vastly safer for excavation contractors.

We have performed many trenchless sewer line repairs in New Jersey and can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Trenchless Sewer Repair with Sewer Relining

The most common and widespread type of trenchless sewer repair is sewer relining. Pipe lining allows contractors to insert a “pipe within a pipe” to patch cracks and holes, keeping out tree roots and stopping underground water leaks.

The process can be completed in a matter of hours, not days, making it a method of choice for sewer service contractors.

When a pipe’s structural integrity is not compromised, pipe lining provides a simple solution to minor damages. It uses cure-in-place pipe, made from resin and fiberglass. The liner is flexible and soft, allowing it to be stretched over a pneumatic bladder and lowered into the pipe with camera guidance.

Once in place, the bladder is inflated, pressing the liner firmly against the walls of the pipe. Then, heat or steam is used to cure the pipe liner, hardening it. The bladder is removed afterward, leaving a durable “pipe within a pipe” that’s durable, corrosion-resistant, and can last up to 50 years after its initial installation.

CIPP relining has several advantages over open cut trenching for sewer repair:

  • It’s faster. By eliminating the need to dig a trench, time is shaved off of the repair process.
  • It’s safer. Sewer lining allows contractors to avoid the significant health and safety hazards that can be associated with excavation.
  • It’s less disruptive. Without digging a trench, we don’t need to tear up your driveway or destroy your carefully tended flower garden or perfect lawn. For municipal sewer repair applications, it helps reduce the extent and duration of traffic obstruction.
  • It’s cost effective. CIPP relining incurs less labor cost than sewer excavation, and does not require you to pay to replace an area of your lawn or pavement. This can make it less expensive than excavation.

Pipe Bursting for Sewer Line Replacement

Pipe bursting can sometimes be used to replace a sewer line without open cut trenching.

A hydraulic bursting head is used to break apart and push away the pieces of the old pipe, while a new length of pipe is pulled into place behind it.

Pipe bursting is useful for replacing pipes that run under foundation slabs and other sensitive areas, where excavation may be difficult or unfeasible.

Our sewer technicians are experts in this type of sewer line repair, having used this pipe bursting technique many times to save homeowners money on sewer repair.

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