Everyone has to deal with a clogged drain from time to time. Toilets, kitchen sinks, and even tubs and showers can clog up with paper materials, organic material like food or hair, and other objects and substances.


When your plumbing clogs up, most people instinctively reach for a bottle of drain cleaner. However, the drain cleaning solutions you buy at the store don’t work nearly as well as people tend to think they do.

If you’re dealing with a stubborn clog, give us a call at A1 Sewer Cleaning about professional drain cleaning in New Jersey.

Using augurs and other professional equipment is safer and more effective and safer than trying to dissolve a clog with chemicals.

How Drain Cleaner Works

Commercial drain cleaners are designed to dissolve through whatever materials are causing the clog.

They achieve this because they’re composed of caustic alkaline chemicals, which can be strong enough to burn your skin if handled improperly.

The chemicals in drain cleaner work to eat away at materials like hair and food garbage, but they’re not the most effective method for clearing a clog.

 The Trouble with Drain Cleaner

The major problem with drain cleaner isn’t just that it’s not always very effective. It can also cause serious damage to your plumbing. Some of the risks of using drain cleaning solutions include:

  • Corroding your pipes. The caustic alkaline substances in drain cleaner don’t just eat away at clogs: they can also corrode the pipes themselves. Although cleaners based on organic enzymes, instead of alkaline fluids, are safer for your plumbing, they’re also less effective for unclogging your drain.
  • Noxious fumes. Drain cleaner naturally reacts releases fumes that are dangerous to breathe in. In a small, windowless bathroom, this can be a major problem.
  • Chemical reactions. Drain cleaners can be volatile if they accidentally mix with other household products, reacting violently or releasing dangerous gases.
  • Chemical burns. It’s fairly rare, but if you’re not careful to use strong rubber gloves, drain cleaner could harm your skin. It’s also very dangerous in the hands of small children, so many families may not want to keep it in their homes.

Calling A Professional NJ Plumber for Sewer Cleaning

A stubbornly clogged drain is often best handled by a trained plumber. Professional drain cleaning doesn’t rely on potentially harmful chemicals to get the job done. Instead, professionals use augurs and other equipment from suppliers like Ridgid and DrainBrain, which are much more effective for completely clearing out the offending material.

Unlike corrosive liquid cleaning substances, professional techniques are designed not to damage your pipes. With pro drain cleaning, you won’t be left with material still adhering to the sides of the pipes, which is a common problem with drain cleaners.

Even if Drano dissolves enough of the clog to restore water flow, it usually doesn’t eliminate the problem completely. Over time, other materials will start sticking to what’s left of the original clog, eventually getting to the point where the pipes are fully obstructed again.

With professional drain cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about clogging again for a while.

Sewer line repair Englewood Cliffs

Sewer line repair englewood cliffs NJ

Professionals are also better equipped to remove more unusual causes of drain clogs, like large foreign objects. If you dropped something down the sink, or your toddler thought flushing their rubber duck would be a really great idea, a plumber will be properly equipped to safely remove the object.

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