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As long time NJ drainage solutions sewer rehabilitation contractors we specialize in the design and drainage installation of exterior and interior drainage systems for commercial and residential properties in New Jersey. We have designed and completed hundreds of drainage rehabilitation projects in this area of expertise, and have experience with just about every type of installation used to fix water collection and drainage issues.

After many years working in drainage in New Jersey, we have a great deal of experience finding solutions to handle unique drainage challenges in a cost effective way.  We work quickly and at low prices.  We will not be in your yard for days or leave our equipment laying around.  We will begin and not stop working until your drainage system is complete and your property looks amazing.

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  • Drainage Systems

Without proper drainage systems in your property water can collect and pool in your yard, driveway or near your foundation, creating a risk of water seeping into your basement, water running off into your neighbors yard and doing damage to your landscaping or useful backyard areas like any patios.

There are many different types of drainage systems you can install both inside and outside of your home, but you should have a professional drainage contractor come out and review exactly where the water is collecting on your property and why, and design a drainage system that will work best for your property.


  • Driveway drainage

Because of the slope water can often collect at the end of your driveway and create standing water and flooding problems. Water may collect at the end of the driveway by the garage. Water may also pool in the center of the driveway. 
This may sometimes require regarding the driveway and smoothing it over so water flows in a different direction, and we can also install channel drains or catch basins, storm drains or cross culverts to collect the runoff water and redirect it elsewhere.
  • Drainage grates

Drainage grates are small, long dug-out channels covered by a grill that can filter water very quickly.  They are useful in moving large amounts of water in a short time from a large space like  at the bottom of a downward sloping driveway.

  • Catch basins

A catch basin creates an inlet to the town storm drain system.  A properly installed catch basin will include a grate or curb inlet where water enters the catch basin and a sump to capture sediment, debris.  Catch basins need to be cleaned of debris periodically and should be checked for blockage before the rainy season each year.

  • Ground & Soil Drainage


Most wet backyards with water collecting can be drained effectively with a few in ground soil drainage installations.  In many cases, it is clear where the water is coming from and where it is collecting.  We can fix foundation drainage problems by regrading so your ground and soil slopes and drains away from the house or we can install in ground soil drainage installations at the points where the water is collecting.

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  • Concrete Drainage

A common issue is water pooling on top of the concrete patio slab. This leaves your patio perpetually wet and can prematurely weather the concrete and lead to mildew and mold growth. This type of issue can be easily resolved with a channel drain or a decorative french drain.


  • Exterior stormwater

An exterior storm water drain is designed to drain excess rain water from your new jersey property into nearby city storm drains, waterways, or holding tanks.  When it rains large volumes of rainwater that flows off your house, the yard, driveway and other surfaces is diverted by storm drains through underground pipes to the nearest natural holding place.


  • Culvert Pipe Construction

Many NJ homes there are streams or rivers a culvert allows water to pass underneath a driveway linking opposite sides of the stream and allowing for ease crossing over without interfering with the flow of water.  It is an enclosed underground tunnel for allowing the water to continue to flow and not pool.


French Drain

French drains gather rain water from the surface and redirect it elsewhere through an underground pipe that is hidden underground.  A french drain can be completely hidden under grass or a decorative landscaping installation such as a rock garden.

  • French drain repair

French drains can sometimes malfunction and not drain water properly because of improper installation, clogging, or damage from tree roots.  If you think your french drain may be broken contact us for french drain repair and we will do all we can to get your drainage system working again.

  • French drain installation 

Installing a french drain around a portion of your house or yard would be a great, inexpensive way to redirect water runoff if you do not want to regrade the your property.   A french drain can look very good and is very effective in controlling the collection of water at the base of your home or other points in your yard.

  • French drain replacement 

If you find that your french drain was improperly installed or put in the wrong place, we can help replace your french drain or relocate the french drain to the proper area of your property that will provide needed drainage.


Open trench excavation is the most traditional method of sewer repair or replacement. Sewer excavation consists of digging a long trench to expose the existing sewer or water pipe.  Once exposed any broken or cracked pipe can be replaced, or the whole sewer line can be replaced with new pipe.  The trench is then filled back up and smoothed over.

  • Exterior walls waterproofing

Exterior wall waterproof is good protection for your basement as it helps to stop water from getting into your basement.  We can waterproof the walls of your basement from the outside designed to keep water from entering your basement and to protect your foundation.

  • Trenching

Digging a drainage trench is also a possible solution for excess water.  A drainage trench around the perimeter of your home will prevent excess water from reaching your foundation and flooding your home.  This type of trench would not have a grate but stones on top instead and so will mix in with your yard’s landscaping.  We have the skill and experience necessary to handle this type of design and professional drainage trench installation.

  • Roof Leader

A roof leader is a popular drainage installation to drain water from the roof gutters or roof catchment.  It consists of a pipe from the roof to the storm drain or other area of water disposal. This type of drainage pipe is also sometimes called a  downspout or roof drain. Request a free consultation today and allow us to design a drainage system for your home today.

  • Piping Slope

The slope of all of your piping is very important.  All of your drain pipe must slope slightly downhill to allow for easy drainage and to prevent clogs and debris.  Proper slope of gravity drainage and sewer pipes is important so that liquids flow smoothly, which helps transport solids away without clogging.

Garden – Front/Back Yard

  • Property Lawn Drainage

We know how to work with and install drainage systems with terrain layouts so we can affordably save your property from potential flooding and water damage. We offer you more than experience, we are up-to-date on the latest tools, methods, and regulations, and we charge fair prices for our services for all types of yard drainage solutions.

  • Level and Grade yard

If your yard slopes toward the house you may find water collecting near the base of your home when it rains.  This can cause damage to your foundation and puts you at risk for potential flooding in a storm.  Leveling and grading your backyard is an easy way to fix this problem, clear up drainage issues and give you a more usable backyard.

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