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Clogged sewer line or drain pipe? At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we provide drain and sewer cleaning with hydro jetting for NJ homeowners and businesses.

Our team of experienced NJ sewer plumbers can eliminate even stubborn clogs, restoring water flow and preventing damaging sewage water backflow.

For same-day sewer cleaning in less than an hour, call us any time at A1 Sewer & Drain Services.


Hydro Jetting for Sewer Cleaning & Drain Pipe Cleaning NJ

To clear out clogged sewer pipes and drain lines in NJ, we use hydro jetting equipment paired with sewer inspection cameras.

Hydro jetting allows us to clear out debris from drains and sewer pipes, and for sewers, the nozzle and hose can enter through the cleanout. Hydro jetting nozzles spray streams of water at very high pressures, which cuts through debris and breaks it apart.

Over time, materials can build up inside your sewer main line, eventually necessitating professional sewer cleaning.

This ranges from greasy materials from solid waste, to paper towels and feminine hygiene products, to sediment and tree roots that get in from outside.

Once a sewer clog begins to set in place, it tends to grow over time by accretion. Eventually, the pipe becomes constricted, making it difficult for water and solid waste to pass through your sewer pipe and into the city sewer mains. This can create nasty sewer backflow, potentially causing costly property damage.

Hydro jetting for sewer line and drain pipe cleaning can pulverize and remove all kinds of materials from a sewer clog, including:

  • Paper towels
  • Feminine products
  • Grease
  • Organic sludge
  • Sand and sediment
  • Tree roots
  • Sludge build-up 

Sewer Cleaning Jetting Service NJ

Sewer hydro jetting is a quick process, taking as little as 30 minutes to complete. Before starting a sewer cleaning job, contractors use a sewer camera inspection system to look inside the pipes.

Camera inspection of the sewer line is important because the force of the high pressure water can damage the structure of your sewer line if it is vulnerable.  The camera is run down the sewer to see what the problem is and if the line is still intact and capable of handling the pressure without a sewer  pipe collapsing or rupturing.

What is a simple clog can turn into a sewer repair emergency if the camera inspection of the pipes is not done first.

The camera inspection also helps plumbers choose the right nozzle to effectively clear out debris from the inside of your sewer or drain pipe.

Camera inspection can discover a number of problems that are causing a sewer clog, including:

  • sewer blockage
  • sewer belly
  • collapsed sewer pipe
  • broken sewer pipe
  • misaligned pipe joints
  • channeled sewer pipe
  • tree roots in the sewer pipe

Sewer Repairs NJ / Sewer Line Replacement in New Jersey

Many clogged sewer pipes are also cracked or broken. Tree roots are a leading cause of clogged sewer pipes and drain pipes, and they usually get in through small, inoffensive cracks or holes.

As the roots continue to grow, they cause further damage to the pipe, as well as obstructing wastewater flow. Broken drain pipes or sewer pipes generally require professional repairs.

Trenchless sewer repairs provide a non-invasive, no-dig solution for broken sewer pipes. Using pipe lining, or pipe bursting for sewer replacement, local sewer and drain plumbers can fix leaky, broken pipes without digging up your yard.

Sewer repairs and pipe replacement for copper, cast iron, and PVC sewer and drain pipes will last for years, helping you avoid any future sewer problems.

Emergency Sewer Repair NJ & Sewer Cleaning in NJ

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we’re available 24/7 for emergency sewer repairs, sewer and drain pipe cleaning, sewer replacement, and more in Bergen County and Northern and Central NJ.

Our friendly NJ sewer plumbers are always available to solve your problems quickly and affordably, with same-day service in less than an hour from your call.

To find out more, call us at any time at 201-645-0888.

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