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During the rainy season in NJ a lot of water can come down and collect on your property.  Storm water in the yard, parking lot and landscaping of a home or business should dry out within one to two days after a rainstorm, but if your property continues to remain wet or large puddles remain then you may have a problem that could lead to flooding and foundation problems.

We are a NJ contracting firm that provides sewer/drainage repair services and installation of all drainage solutions for residential and commercial properties in New Jersey.

As a long time drainage installation contractor company in NJ, we have come up with drainage solutions to redirect storm water for many New Jersey properties.

Lawn drainage installation in Hackensack NJ

Outdoor Drainage

 Drainage for Residential + Industrial & Commercial Drainage Services

Exterior Drainage Repair NJ

Drainage solutions are needed for every home or business to manage water accumulation on lawns, driveways, parking lots and landscaping.

If you have surface water collecting on your property you are at risk of it flowing into and damage your home or building and potentially requiring significant repair.

Call us for exterior drainage repair and correction and we can prevent water from pooling and direct it away from your building.

Expert Drainage Pipe Line Systems

Drainage pipe line systems are often needed to fully protect a property from water damage.  Drainage pipe systems need to be installed in a planned way to direct rainwater along a sloped path away from your property.

However, many properties have downspouts that exit right at the foundation of the property rather than extending the drainage pipes away from the walls and the property.

Lack of planning and drainage expertise can lead to costly mistakes down the road causing basement flooding and damage to the foundation of your house.

Installing a better outdoor drainage system can greatly reduce moisture in your basement and water damage to your foundation.

French drain installation

An effective way to manage surface water accumulations on a property is the installation of french drain systems.

A french drain is a sub-surface drain of pipes that are protected by gravel and fabrics.

This design allows water to freely flow in and out but keeps debris out so the pipes don’t clog.   The pipes then divert the water away from the house building.

French drains are used in residential homes as well as in commercial properties, such as schools, offices and retail establishments.

drainage-contractors-west milford-nj
Lawn pipe drainage in West Milford New Jersey

basement drainage solutions

Outdoor basement drainage solutions are installed under the concrete in your basement and be connected to sump pumps to remove any water accumulation threatening to flood your basement.

We cement over the sump pumps and the pipes so they are not visible but the sump pumps kick in if water accumulates.

The drainage systems will keep your basement dry.   If water comes through the exterior wall, or gone under a concrete slab, the drains will capture it and the sump pumps will direct is outside.

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