Curb valve (for water main line) replacement in NJ has unique requirements as the valve is typically located on, or close to, public right-of-ways which is not on private property.  Typically the home’s connection to the public water main will need to be shut off and permits will be required.

Curb stop valve replacement should always be done by a licensed and insured plumber that you trust as it can be an involved process and small mistakes can lead to water damage and greater repair costs.

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What is the Curb Valve?

A curb stop valve (also known as a water lateral shutoff valve or a curb box) is a water control valve, located on the property line of most residential homes and commercial properties usually in the roadway by the curb as it may not be located in any driveways, sidewalks or aprons.

The purpose of the curb stop valve is to isolate the supply of water from the public water main to that property, meaning that the curb box connects the main public water line with the private water service laterals that serve the property and the shut off valve can shut off the water to that property without turning off the water main.

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The curb valve is governed by the city code.  Underground curb boxes contain the shut-off valves that link the main public water line in the street with the home water service lines.  Traditionally the town is responsible for the water lateral lines from the water main to the curb shut off valve and the property owner is responsible for the water lateral lines from the curb box to the property.

Sometimes curb valve replacement requires shutting off the water connection on the town water main for the relevant service line and excavation of the roadway to expose the curb box.  The water valve replacement process will include:

  • cutting the asphalt or concrete with asphalt saw.
  • stripping the asphalt or concrete and hauling it away for recycling.
  • the type of excavator or backhoe will be used to remove the soil and create a trench.
  • the walls of the trench will be shored to protect workers
  • the stop valve will be replaced as needed.
  • the trench is filled and asphalt repaved.

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Curb boxes are often designated in the code by the manufacturer such as the Tyler Pipe curb box model or equal.

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In NJ the township engineers also often require that you designate the shut off valve model on the plans such as the Mark II Oriseal shut off valve manufactured by Mueller Company or equal.


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