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Many properties in NJ have driveways, roadways, small water streams, or even railroad crossings on commercial properties. This can pose a culvert pipechallenge for general water drainage on your property. Without adequate drainage, your home or business could be susceptible to a variety of safety and financial concerns.

Poor drainage on sloped areas can cause water to pool up in undesirable areas, potentially leading to flooding. Soil can also become waterlogged, which creates hydrostatic pressure that expands the soil. This puts undue pressure on your foundation, leading to cracking and other damage that can be very costly to repair.

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Culvert installation is a solution for the problem of drainage in areas that are obstructed by roadways and other areas that make it difficult for water to flow.

A culvert is a large pipe, made from one of several different materials, that runs underneath a road or driveway, providing a channel through which water can flow freely to the other side.

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Culvert installation can be instrumental in protecting your soil and foundation on NJ properties that are prone to flooding and waterlogged soil.

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Culvert Installation in New Jersey

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The Culvert Pipe Installation Process in NJ

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On residential properties in NJ, one of the most common locations for culvert pipe installation is beneath a driveway.

Here’s an overview of the general process through which contractors will install culvert pipe:

  • The size and type of pipe needed will be determined, based on the expected water flow that it will need to handle. Many counties, cities, and townships in NJ may have minimum size requirements.
  • A trench is excavated from the outlet to the inlet point. In the bottom of the trench, contractors will place crushed and compacted stone, which forms a stable bedding for the pipe.
  • If necessary, the culvert pipe will be cut to the right length for the project.
  • Contractors begin laying the pipe into the trench, starting at its outlet point. Fittings and and coupler connections, if needed, are added at this time.
  • Compacted stone is placed around and above the pipe.
  • Flared end sections are installed at the inlet and outlet points, helping to improve drainage by diffusing heavy outflows.
  • Soil is backfilled over the side slopes of the driveway.



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NJ Culvert/Corrugated Pipe Repair Services

culvert pipe repair njIf you rely on a culvert or corrugated for drainage below a driveway or other obstruction, you may occasionally need culvert pipe repair to fix minor problems that arise in the pipes. Some of the most common reasons for culvert pipe repair in NJ include:

  • Voids through separated joints or holes in the culvert
  • Bending or settling of the pipe alignment
  • Misaligned pipe joints
  • Cracks
  • pipe alignment
  • Corrosion inside existing cracks (common in soils where chlorides are present)
  • Poorly compacted or loose bedding materials
  • Crimped pipe (inflexible culvert pipes)
  • Torn bolt holes (in flexible culvert pipes)
Culvert repair

If you’ve noticed unusual or poor drainage through your culvert, you may want to call a local contractor for culvert pipe repair. Timely repairs can help extend the lifespan of your culvert, as well as protecting your property from damage.

Types of Culvert Pipes:

Culvert installation is available in several different materials, which may depend on the specifications of the area where the culvert is going to be installed.

These materials can differ in their strength and durability, so it’s important for culvert installation contractors to choose the right material for your particular situation.

Some of the major threats to a culvert pipe include the pH of the water and soil, the resistivity of the soil, soil abrasion over time, structural loads, freezing, and the presence of chlorides and sulfates in the soil. Some of the main materials used to make culvert pipes include:

  • Reinforced concrete culverts. Reinforced concrete is a common material used to make culvert pipes. They’re known to be durable, and some concrete culverts have been shown to last up to a century.
  • Galvanized corrugated metal culverts. These are used commonly in NJ because they’re quite economical and very lightweight, making them easier to work with. Their service life averages around 25-50 years, if you have galvanized corrugated metal culvert pipes, you may eventually need culvert line replacement.
  • Aluminized corrugated metal culverts. This material is similar to its galvanized counterpart, but can last up to eight times as long.
  • Polymeric coated corrugated metal culverts. These aren’t as commonly installed as other types of culvert pipes, but they last as long as reinforced concrete, making them a good choice for their longevity. However, they can be more difficult to install than other types of culverts.

Culvert Line Replacement Contractors NJ 

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Although reinforced concrete and polymeric coated corrugated metal have very long lifespans, other types of culvert pipe may need culvert line replacement after several decades.

Certain factors like soil pH, sulfides, and chlorides may detract from the life expectancy of the culvert pipe material, and it may eventually become sufficiently damaged that culvert pipe replacement is actually your best option.

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