Sewer clogs are a surprisingly common issue among Cresskill, New Jersey homeowners. A clogged sewer can be a particularly nasty problem, potentially causing wastewater to back up into your home, carrying foul smells and dangerous bacteria with it.

If your sewer main line has developed a clog, there are several warning signs that you’ll probably begin to notice around your house. If you notice any of these problems, give us a call at A1 Sewer and Drain for professional sewer repair and sewer cleaning in Cresskill.

3 Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer in NJNJ-sewer-services

Most sewer clogs start out relatively small, but once they begin to form, other materials will begin adhering to it, eventually building up to cause a larger obstruction. Eventually, you’ll start to notice that wastewater isn’t flowing correctly into the sewer system.

Three of the biggest red flags that you’re going to need professional NJ sewer cleaning include:

  • More than one fixture is clogged. A clogged drain is usually a benign problem, with the clog located nearby in the pipes in your house. However, if more than one fixture is clogged, and you can’t seem to get the problem fixed with normal procedures like using an augur, it might be a sign of a larger problem. Because a sewer clog stops the flow of water into the city sewer main lines, it backs up into your pipes instead, causing drains and toilets all over your home to become perpetually clogged.
  • When using one plumbing fixture, other fixtures and drains begin to bubble up or make gurgling sounds. When sewer water is backing up into your home, you may find that your plumbing fixtures are behaving strangely. Water might flow up into your sink and bathtub when you flush your toilet, or the toilet’s water level might rise when you wash your hands in the sink. If so, call a professional for immediate emergency sewer repair.
  • Sewage smells. The distinctively unpleasant smell of sewage is one of the biggest signs that something’s wrong with your sewer main line. The smell often comes of your sinks and drains, and may also be especially pronounced in your basement.

Professional Sewer Cleaning and Sewer Repair contractors in Cresskill NJ

If you’re experiencing any of these recurrent plumbing issues in your home, you probably need to call a professional for sewer cleaning. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can check your sewer clean-out first. This black or white pipe, with a threaded cap, is located somewhere in your property, often near the side of your house.

If there’s standing water in the clean-out, or the water is flowing back up, then your sewer is definitely clogged.

A trained professional NJ plumber can clean out your sewers effectively, alleviating the problem and restoring normal water flow. They’ll generally inspect the sewer pipe clog with a fiber optic cameras from manufacturers. The cameras provide a video feed, which streams onto a monitor using a CCTV (video) system, to provide a close-up look at the problem.

Clogs are usually cleared out using high-pressure hydraulic jets, which push out debris, cut up invasive tree roots, and allow water to flow normally again.

If you’re having problems with your sewer main line, call us today at A1 Sewer and Drain for fast, effective professional NJ sewer cleaning in Cresskill.

We always have staff on call for 24/7 emergency sewer and drain repair, helping local homeowners fix even the most difficult plumbing problems.

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