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Connect to Your NJ Public Sewer System and City Sewer

When determining the cost to connect your home to the city main sewer there are generally two main project costs to consider.

First, you need to find out what fees will be charged by your NJ township sewer authority to connect to the public sewer main.  These are typically sewer connection and facilities fees.  There also may be additional costs for town permits and inspections.

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While there are local regulations as to the costs of connecting to the town main sewer, every town will generally decide how much you will pay on a case by case basis.

Second, you need to install the underground sewer line from your house to the main public sewer, which is usually in the street.  You have somewhat more control over this cost as you can shop around and get estimates from several sewer contractors.

You will need to also factor in the cost for repairing any landscaping or fixtures that are in the path from your home to the street.  If the contractor needs to excavate under your driveway to lay the sewer line then you will need to add additional costs to repair it.

Overall the costs for city sewer connection can range greatly, starting from $3,000 depending on your circumstances.  For additional information feel free to contact us anytime and speak to one of our sewer technicians.  We can give you free advice and free estimates.

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Installation Cost for Sewer Line

Costs for installing a new sewer line on your property from your home to the property line ranges from $1,000 to $4,000, with an average cost of about $2500.

How much does it cost to run a sewer line?

Cost for Sewer Line InstallationSewer Contractor Estimates

Installing a main sewer line costs an average of about $2,900. Here are some factors that might come into play with the cost to install a sewer line.

  • Sewer Pipe Cost. The cost of the sewer pipe will depend on the type of pipe used, the length of the line and the sewer contractors labor and excavation costs.  The total for installing the new sewer pipe will usually range from an average of  $40 to $200 foot of pipe.
  • Sewer Excavation Costs. Excavation of a trench for the sewer is typically $600 for 100 linear feet.  If you need your sewer line deeper or wider than the typical line this may increase the expense.
  • Cost to Install Backflow Preventer.  A backflow preventer should be installed on the sewer line to prevent the public sewer from backing up into your line and home.  The average cost for backflow installation ranges from $150 to $900.
  •  Sewer Access Installation. The sewer line will need a permanent opening, known as a sewer cleanout, to be used in the event there is a sewer clog and you need to run a snake or a sewer camera through the line.  Installation of an access point is usually around $1500.
  • NJ Town Sewer Connection Cost. Your NJ town will charge costs to hookup to the city sewer line, including sewer connection fees, facilities fees and permits. Local regulations usually put the costs at around $3,000 but allow for them to add to the cost in their discretion. They may charge you more if your property line is not close to the sewer main or if their infrastructure is not in place of has a problem.  In some NJ towns it may cost less in order to encourage development.
  • Town Water Connection in NJ


If you are thinking about connecting your house to the city sewer/water or if you received a letter from your NJ town requiring you to connect to the town sewer main contact us and we can provide all the information you need about the process and provide advice and free estimates.

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