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 Sewer Line Repair & Sewer Replacement Cost

Sewer line repair costs depend on a lot of factors. Most people think the sewers are public domain and thus the town needs to pay for sewer repairs. This is usually not the case!

The town is responsible for repairing the public sewer main which typically runs down underneath the street in front of your homes.  But each property is responsible for the sewer lines running from your home to the street and then hooked up into the public sewer main.

So if the problem is with those sewer lines on your property the homeowner will be responsible to pay the sewer line repair costs.

Sewer line repair

When you have a sewer line issue your should first call A1 sewer contractor for a sewer service inspection of the entire sewer line with a video camera.

 Sewer Line Repair Cost in NJ

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This will cost $200 to $400 but an objective camera line inspection to give you definitive answers about where the sewer problem is and who is responsible for the sewer repair costs.

New Jersey Sewer main repair best cost, price and service

Once you know what the problem is and are educated about what needs to be done to fix the sewer line you can get estimates for sewer line repair from a variety of sewer contractors and judge them effectively.

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If the problem is on your property the costs of sewer repair will depend on the type of damage to the sewer line, whether we can use trenchless line replacement methods, and what type of access is available to the underground sewer line, meaning if it can easily be excavated or if excavation of the sewer line will destroy your driveway, patio, etc.


If you are having a problem with your sewer line contact A1 for an objective sewer inspection



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