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February 14, 2021

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Water main repair is definitely a home repair that you want to get a water main line contractor to help you with. Water line repair will vary slightly depending on the type of water pipe you have and how much of the pipe is broken or leaking.

Water lines in domestic homes in NJ are usually made of copper, PVC or cast iron pipes -NJ plumbers tend to avoid cross-linked polyethylene (known as PEX pipes) as in some states it has been found to leak chemicals into the drinking. pipe-location

In most cases, repairing a broken water line pipe involves digging up the pipe, cutting out the broken section of pipe and replacing it.

If the water line is very old, broken in multiple places or made of lead, then entire water line replacement may be needed.

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A1 NJ water plumbers contractors will first properly test and ensure that you have a water line before doing any digging or repair.

Proper testing for a broken water line will include inspection of the entire water line with a video camera to locate any broken pipes, leaks or other issues with the water line.

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You want to make sure that you see the broken pipe on the monitor; in many cases we have seen water line repair work started with an incorrect diagnosis.

Once the broken pipe has been located and measured the steps to water main repair are as follows: Main-water-line-repair-in-jersey-city-NJ

  • If it found during the inspection that your main water line needs repair, make sure you get an estimate in writing before work starts to ensure will get a fair price. Typically, the contractor will give you a copy of the inspection so you can get a second and third opinion form other water repair companies and try to get a lowest cost water line repair.
  • Before any digging begins it is important to properly locate and mark underground utilities.   Each state has a service, in NJ it’s 811, that will come out and mark the underground utilities to avoid utility damage. This is also required by NJ law. So make sure the contractor calls and 811 and doesn’t rush along plumbing repairs at the risk of damaging other lines.
  • The contractor will need to locate the water shut-off valve and turn the water off to the property for the time when work is done.
  • The contractor will then begin to dig a trench to reveal the water line and remove the broken section of pipe with a pipe cutter.
  • A brand new pipe will be installed. If its a copper pipe the joints will need to be soldered with a propane torch. For plastic PVC pipe it will be glued and/or cemented together.
  • The trench will be closed and the ground above leveled.

We also provide trenchless or pipe bursting pipe repair to repair or replace line without digging!

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