Water Line Excavation Services in NJ

June 9, 2020

Water Excavation Services NJ

Water excavation is a way to excavate land by using pressured water jets rather than machinery to break the ground up and dig.  Pressurized jets of water can break up soil decreasing the risk of damaging existing utilities and underground structures if they are hit by the water.

Water excavation is sometimes preferable to machine excavation if there is a greater risk of damage to underground structures and utilities compared to traditional excavation.

Contact us if you need excavation in NJ and would like to learn more about water excavation versus typical excavation.


Hydro Excavation

Water excavation by excavation companies in nj is also known as hydro excavation. Excavation with water requires a high pressure water hose and a truck vacuum. Hydro water excavation begins with high pressure water from the hose hitting the ground to break up the top soil. If the ground is frozen we can use hot water which will make it faster and easier to excavate.

Once the water has broken up the soil we use the vacuum to remove the mud, rocks and debris into the truck for disposal or to be reserved if it will be returned to the site.

Water excavation is safe and reliable for use in NJ- Contact us for more information.


Excavation Contractor NJ

Traditional methods for excavation are still used regularly in NJ by excavation contractors.  However in locations where there may be pipes or utilities buried very close to each other underground it may make more sense for excavation contractors to be safe and use water excavation / hydro excavation.

Water line excavation NJ

Bany of our water supply grid projects involve the construction of a pipeline. Before the work starts a strip of land is fenced off and will stay in place until the area has fully recovered.
Top soil is removed from the working area and stored alongside the pipeline route this will be relayed once the work is completed.

next the pipeline is placed alongside the assigned route. The ends of the two sections are heated and pushed together to form a strong joint. An excavator is then used to dig a pipeline trench
The trench is lined with gravel to protect the pipe. once the pipe has been laid more gravel is added for support.

They warning Ben is placed on the gravel so the water main could be traced in the future. The trenches then backfield in layers and compacted to ensure there is no settlement. The top soil is then added and grass seeds are placed on top.

The area is then left to allow the grass to take root without being disturbed. Once the grass is grown the fencing is removed ensuring no visible impact to the landscape.

our Aim is to leave as little evidence of the construction as possible

A1 Water NJ excavation service uses high pressurized water so if other underground pipes are hit they wont be damaged or broken.  Its safe and effective. If you need excavation in NJ contacts us today for a FREE ESTIMATE to discuss water excavation. 201-645-0888

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