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June 15, 2020

Standing water in your parking lot? Drainage issues? Call us any time! When handling the construction or repair of a commercial parking lot, drainage is a very important issue to evaluate before you complete the final paving.

A paved lot without effective drainage installations could leave pockets of standing water in parking lot after a storm and can result in damage to the property, embarrassment for your businesses and potential injury to customers and visitors.

Standing water parking lot

Standing water gives the impression that you don’t care for your business or your customers enough to create a safe pleasant environment.  For businesses that rely on customer visits standing water in the parking lot can affect your bottom line more than you realize.

Further, standing water can damage the surface of the parking lot pavement, requiring more parking lot repairs and repaving down the line.

Drainage issue

Accumulation of water in parking lot and driveways

The main objective for proper drainage of a parking lot is to create a drainage system to move rain water away from the parking lot surface and to other appropriate collection points for disposal. This will result in a longer life for the lot and a lower cost of maintenance for the owner.

Water accumulation in parking lots can be prevented by a variety of drainage installations like:

  • creating appropriate slope to naturally carry water away
  • grading of curbs or gutters,
  • detention pond installation
  • catch basin installation
  • storm sewer installation
  • culvert installation
  • sump pump installation

Parking lot stormwater management is an important part of commercial business management. Contact us today to discuss parking lot drainage options for your business.

House Drainage

Drainage issues on the property

Fixing driveway drainage problems for a residential home can also be fixed easily with the above drainage solutions.

Many homes in NJ have a driveway on a slope or valley that makes it prone to standing water and flooding.  In heavy rains, without proper drainage systems or if drainage systems fail water may be getting into your garage or basement.

Many drainage problems can be fixed in a very affordable way and reduce the risks of flooding and damage to your home.

  • House/property drainage problems
  • Back yard standing water
  • driveway standing water
  • clogged drainage line
  • pools of water in your yard
  • clogged drainage pipes
  • sump pump failure

Call us now if you have standing water in your home or business. We can help with an affordable drainage solution – 201-645-0888

water in parking lot drainage issues?

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