Pipe Repair Under Concrete Repair & Replacement

October 9, 2020

Repair Pipe Under Sidewalk

Repairing a leak under sidewalk, concrete, driveway or a patios require a professional waterlines contractor that deals with underground sewer and water pipes rather than an ordinary NJ plumber that typically deals with the pipes inside your home.

Repair Pipe Under Concrete

Underground plumbing pipes can crack, break, or burst for many reasons, from pipe corrosion, poor installation, poor pipe quality, friction from debris or ordinary wear and tear.

Pipe replacement under concrete

There are some subtle signs of an underground pipe leak to pay attention to, including cracks or mildew in your floor or walls, water meter continues to move when you shut off all water, unexplained increase in your water bill or sound of running water when water is not in use.

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Under sidewalk drain repair

Water line repair under concrete or slab

Leak detection

Our pipe technicians use special leak detection equipment to perform a thorough leak detection inspection. We use modern technology to locate the source of the leak and its exact location so we can determine an efficient, cost effective leak repair solution.

New pipe line installed under the concrete

Once the pipe inspection is complete, we can provide a variety of pipe repair options. Our pipe repair technicians have a great variety of experience with underground pipe repair and exercise care in creating options that are affordable and minimize damage and excavation of your property.


Repair Pipe Under  Driveways

Repair leaking pipe under driveway

One option for leak repair under driveways, concrete or sidewalks is to re-routing the underground portion of the pipes above ground.  In this case we would not need to dig up the leaking underground pipe but would disconnect them from the plumbing system and install new pipe to replace it above the ground.

Leaking pipe line under the driveway

Another option for underground pipe repair is re-lining the broken pipes. This is a trenchless option where we do not have to break through the concrete to get to the pipe, we would use an existing opening to the pipeline to push an epoxy liner through the pipe that will coat the inside of the pipe and harden overnight covering any cracks or breaks.

New Pipe installation under driveway

Repair Pipe Under Patios

If you have multiple pipe leaks or the pipe structure is deteriorated and the above 2 options will not work long term, we will often give you an option for pipe replacement. This will require breaking into the flooring and the slab to remove and replace leaking pipes and then repave the driveway, slab, patio or sidewalk. It may sound drastic but it is really just a few days’ work and will certainly stop the pipe leak.


A1 Sewer and Drain is here to help you every step of the way if you have an underground leaking pipe.  Our years of experience with outdoor sewer lines and water lines enable us to give our customers the highest quality service in NJ.

Trenchless – no dig pipe repair or replacement

Contact us today to discuss your leaking pipe- 201-645-0888.  We can schedule a pipe inspection and give your our best price for pipe repairs.

Repair Pipe Under Slab

NJ homes that are built on a concrete slab may end up having a leaking pipe under the slab because the foundation will be prone to shifting.  Any plumbing lines that run underneath slabs will shift along with the slab which may cause the plumbing pipe under the slab to also shift creating cracks and breaks in the pipes over time. These leaking pipes will need pipe repair under the slab.

Under slab pipe repair

Call the underground pipe repair experts at A1 Sewer and Drain today for leak detection inspection and a pipe repair estimate for your slab leak.  With our experience, equipment and expertise, we promise you will experience high quality leak repair service in New Jersey.

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