Main Water Valve Services in NJ

August 13, 2021

Do you need water main line valve repair or complete water line repair contractors or water line replacement services in NJ?

Main Water Valve Repair in NJ

The main shutoff valve is a lever that is attached to your main water line and can be used to block or shut off the water coming from the town’s main water line in the street to your home.

The shutoff valve is important as it is generally used in an emergency, like when a pipe bursts or is broken and leaking and you need to shut off the water to your home immediately to stop the leak (and the charges to you from the local water company for the leaking water).

The main shutoff valve is usually located in your basement or outside on one of the walls of your home.

Main shutoff valve

You should locate the old main water service shutoff curb valve and label it so you can find it quickly in the event of an emergency.

But don’t wait for a plumbing emergency to ensure that its working.  Shut-off valves are rarely used so they can get rusted shut or broken without your awareness.  Test to see if you can turn the valve.  If you cannot turn the valve, don’t force it as you could end up breaking the water shut off valve.  Contact A1 today for a free consultation on main water valve repair in NJ.

Main Water Valve Replacement in NJ

Often in older NJ homes the main water valve may be older, rusted or broken and main water valve replacement is a better option.  There are generally two types of main water valves used in New Jersey.

More modern water line installations that use copper or PVC water line pipes typically use ball valves for the main water shutoff.  Older homes with water line installations over at least two decades old more often used gate valves as the water main shutoff valve.

If you have an older gate style main water valve on your water line you should test it and make sure it is still reliable.  If not, you should consider replacing your existing gate-style water valve with a new ball valve.   You can contact A1 today for a free consultation on main water valve replacement in NJ.

Gate Valve Replacement 

Gate valve

A gate style water valve utilizes an metal panel inside the water pipe that works like a gate that you can move up and down with a lever that you screw to move the gate down and shut off water flow or move the gate up and release water flow.  A gate valve can be long lasting but it can get stuck if isn’t used for a long time.  You should check the lever from time to time to make sure you can still move it easily.  If not, you are welcome to contact us to help you with gate valve replacement.

Ball Valve Replacements

A ball style valve utilizes a round ball with a hole in it to stop water from flowing into the pipes.  The external handle controls whether the hole in the ball is open or closed.  When the handle is moved to a horizontal position, the hole is open for water to flow through.

When the handle is turned vertically, the ball turns so that the hole is blocked and water can’t flow through.  Ball valves usually don’t stick or freeze up and stick work after years of not being touched.

Nonetheless, they should still be tested periodically and if you find you need ball valve replacement feel free to contact A1 for a free estimate and consultation.

How do you replace main water valve?

When the main water valve is located in the home next to the water meter the water valve replacement is fairly simple and dome by cutting the copper or PVC pipe and replacing the valve itself.

When the main water valve is located underground, whether on the sidewalk curb or the street, if the valve has access on the curb and can be replaced with no digging then it would be a quick replacement. If there is no access and it is underground the replacement will require excavation of the pipe.

If your main water valve is stuck and you cannot use the main water shutoff or if the valve is leaking it is better to handle the valve repair or valve replacement as soon as possible as if the weather changes or the damage will increase that could cause an emergency plumbing shut off for your home or property from the NJ town and you will have no running water on the property for an extended period.

What is the cost to replace main water shut off valve?

  1. The main shut off water valve next to the water meter – This type of shut off valve controls the water flow for the house and is usually located in the basement right next to the water meter and is usually has a pipe size of 1 inch or more. The minimum cost to replace this valve is $200+ depending on the size, location and access.  Call us today and we would be happy to provide you with the best price and service.
  2. The main shut off supply service valve located on the curb – This types of shut-off supply valve controls the main water line from the street all the way to the house but is still located on the homeowner’s property and is the homeowner’s responsibility to repair or replace.  The minimum cost to replace this type of shut off valve is from $1500+
  3. The main shut off valve located on the street/road – If its in the public area it belongs to the town or municipality and it is their responsibility to maintain, repair or replace the shut off valve and there should be no cost to the homeowner to pay for it.  However, there are private buildings and other facilities that have this type of main water valve located on their private property, like commercial buildings, multi-dwelling units, industrial buildings and such, and the water valve in these cases may be the responsibility of the property owner to maintain, repair or replace the main water valve.

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