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June 22, 2020

Looking for lead water line replacement in NJ?

Lead water line replacement is the only solutions when your water supply line is made of lead pipes.

A1 can provide expert water line replacement services for lead water lines in NJ.  We have worked with all types of underground water lines and can offer you the best way to complete your lead pipe replacement in a fast, efficient manner and at a lower cost.  We will handle every aspect of your water line replacement, from permits, to inspections, to testing and landscape restoration.

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Are lead pipes safe?

Lead pipes, fittings and joints were used in water line installations in the United States for about 80 years before it was discovered that the lead was leaching into the water and was a health hazard.  Ingesting lead, even a small amount, is hazardous and can result in damages to brain function and behavior and even high blood pressure.

It is estimated that there are still over 7 million lead water lines in the United States, the water line are the underground pipes that run from your home to the water main in the street.   If you have an older NJ home you should have the water line inspected to check if you have lead pipes.  If you have a lead service supply water company line you should qualify water line replacement contractor like A1 and have your water line replaced immediately.


Lead Service Lines Replacement

When you need to excavate your old lead water lines and replace them with new plumbing pipes, you need a professional NJ plumbing company that you know has the experience with excavation and underground plumbing to handle it. Water line pipe excavation isn’t a simple procedure, a plumber inexperienced in dealing with underground pipes could unnecessarily damage other utility lines, landscaping and hardscapes.  Your safest bet is to ensure you have a professional water line contractor like A1 that deals with excavation and underground pipes in NJ on a regular basis and have the right skills, experience and equipment to get the job done correctly.

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Service line replacement

How much does lead pipe replacement cost?

The cost for lead pipe replacement for a water line will typically hinge on the difficulty in accessing the line.  Trenchless water line replacement methods are typically not as beneficial when replacing a lead water line as it is preferred that the the pipes are removed altogether.  The issue is really how much excavation needs to be done and whether there are landscaping, decks, garages, sidewalks and the like that will need to be broken to access the water line.



LEAD PIPE REMOVAL – lead pipe replacement in old NJ homes reduces health risks!

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