Do I Need a Plumbing Permit for Pipe Repair, Line Replacement or Installation?

Plumbing permits are something that we handle every day in providing sewer repair services in NJ

Plumbing permits are required for most plumbing jobs in NJ except for a few minor exceptions. including:

  • Drain pipe repair or replacement to fix a leak- this essentially refers to a short piece of broken plumbing pipe that needs to be replaced in your home.
  • Drain cleaning to remove stoppages – drain cleaning doesn’t fix any drains or repair pipes. its cleaning, which is essentially maintenance not pipe repair or replacement.

Drain Pipe Repair

Drain Pipe Repair and Minor Work Permits 

The following would require a minor work permit and plumbing repair work can begin with just notice and this includes pipe repair or replacement and installation:

  • Drain pipe repair – Replacement of existing plumbing piping with new and approved material of like capacity.
  • Water Heater Replacement – The replacement of existing water heaters with new ones of like capacity.

Sewer Pipe Repair & Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer Pipe Repair or Sewer Line Replacement and Plumbing Permit and Inspection

Most large plumbing projects like the following will require a plumbing permit and inspection:

  • Sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, sewer line installation
  • Water line repair, water line replacement, water line installation
  • Moving water lines or sewer lines
  • Installing new water lines or new sewer lines for a new addition
  • Tree root sewer pipe repair
  • sump pump or sewer pump installation

Our sewer services include ensuring that the proper permits are filed and you pass any needed plumbing inspections. You can count on us to get it right.

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