Call A1 for all commercial sewer and commercial drain and drainage services. At A1 we have a lot of experience in sewer repair services and sewer replacement water pipe repair or replacement for commercial properties in New Jersey.

Best price and service guaranteed in NJ

We understand what it takes to test and repair commercial property sewer and drain lines, often without shutting down the lines while repairs are completed.

Commercial Sewer Service

Commercial Sewer Contractor VS Residential Sewer Contractor

We can provide sewer repair after hours of normal operations so your business is not affected.   If your property works 24/7 we can set up a by-pass pump system.

We can also provide commercial property compliance inspection/testing.


Commercial sewer

We provide commercial sewer drainage & water main services for:

  • Office buildings
  • Municipal buildings
  • Hotels
  • Apartment complexes
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Retail stores
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses


Best Commercial Sewer service Contractors

Sewer problems in a commercial building can disrupt day-to-day routines, halt work and damage equipment.

Repeated sewer backups, undetected underground sewer leaks, burst pipes, broken pumps and ruptured gas lines can become sewer emergencies very quickly.

If you suspect a problem with the sewer lines in your commercial property, call NJ’s best commercial sewer contractor! We have the expertise and tools to diagnose and treat all types of sewer problems in commercial properties throughout New Jersey.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial water plumbing services in New Jersey

For a commercial property owner or manager, it is essential that your sewer systems are always in good working order.

Efficient plumbing is essential to keeping your business running smoothly and avoiding a loss for people and property in your building.

If your commercial property is in need of emergency sewer services, call 201-645-0888.

Our years of experience handling commercial sewer services means we can provide a quick and honest diagnosis and quality sewer repairs at a very reasonable price.

Commercial sewer repair

Locally Owned and Operated Commercial Sewer Repair Services in NJ

Broken sewers and burst sewer pipes can be very stressful for commercial property owners and managers.  Oftentimes, these lead to extensive sewer repairs, business coming to a halt, expensive property repairs and potential water damage.

Commercial Main Water Line Contractor

Don’t let sewer problems interrupt your business.  If you suspect an issue with your sewer line, call an experienced commercial sewer contractor.
We have experience will sewer repairs for all types of commercial properties in NJ; our technicians are capable of handling sewer repair projects big and small.
Call us at any time at 201-645-0888!


We can provide you with immediate sewer repair service in NJ at an affordable rate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Professional Plumbing Services

    • — Plumbing repair service
    • — Frozen pipes service
    • Underground water leak detection 
    • —  leak detection repair pipe installation or replacement service
    • —  Toilet lead pipe repair/replacement service
    • —  Plumbing emergency services


  • Drain Repair

    • — Water jetting service
    • — Drain replacement services
    • — Drain cleaning service
  • Inspection Camera

    • — Sewer inspection camera
    • — Pipe inspection camera
  • Sewer Repair

  • Water Main Repair service

    • — Water main installation service
  • Plumbing contractors
    • — Commercial plumbing service
  • Pipe repair services

Commercial drainage


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Ongoing Clogged Sewer Call today 201-645-0888 From clogged street sewer or drain pipe to clogged sewer

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Any Sewer Water Line Drain Drainage Services in Newark NJ We make the process simple and quick SAVE BIG

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Commercial drainage services Commercial sewer service NJ Save Big Call us today 201-645-0888 For commercial

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