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If you’re buying an older home in Bergen County or Morris County New Jersey, the property may have gone for years without any significant sewer repair services.

If you or the previous owners aren’t sure when the last time was that the sewer main line was repaired or replaced, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise if something is wrong.

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Sewer and plumbing pipe inspections

Sewer backups from clogs, tree roots, or broken sewer pipes are a leading cause of residential property loss from water damage in NJ, so keeping your sewer line maintained is important to prevent accidental flooding and the need for sewer repair services.

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we offer sewer video inspection with fiber optic camera systems that let us spot potential problems early.

We also offer sewer cleaning, sewer repairs, sewer line maintenance, and other sewer plumbing services in central and north NJ.

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Finding Problems with Sewer Camera Inspection

Most flooding and water damage from sewer backups can ultimately be traced to a damaged or severely clogged sewer main line, which could have been prevented with better NJ sewer maintenance.

When you’re purchasing a home, it’s very possible that the previous owners neglected the sewer pipe, potentially allowing problems to develop that could lead you with backflow or a collapsed sewer pipe.

To avoid this contingency, sewer plumbers recommend sewer video inspection prior to moving into a house.

Using fiber optic camera systems that we can insert through the sewer cleanout, we can look directly inside the sewer pipe to spot potential problems.

Homeowners are often surprised at how clogged or cracked their pipes are.

When left unattended, sewer problems can block water flow and cause flooding.


Regular sewer camera inspection helps plumbers spot problems early before they have a chance to get any worse.

Fixing the problems quickly with hydro jetting, sewer relining, or other solutions can prevent thousands of dollars in costly water damage, making sewer maintenance well worth the time and effort.

Sewer video inspection in NJ allows us to find all kinds of problems with your sewer pipe, including:

  • Cracks and holes repair service NJ. Cracks and holes can wear into your sewer pipe, letting water out into the soil while letting sand, sediment, tree roots, and groundwater in.
  • Tree root incursion service NJ . Tree roots love to grow inside sewer pipes, and they can quickly cause blockage, backflow, and severe sewer pipe damage.
  • Clogged sewer pipes service NJ. Paper towels, feminine products, and scale buildup can block water flow through the sewer pipe, potentially causing flooding from backflow.
  • Corrosion and scale repair service NJ. Both corrosion and scale buildup can afflict older metal pipes, and when the problem is bad enough, you’ll probably need sewer replacement.

Sewer Cleaning & Sewer Repairs from Local Plumbers in NJ

When we find problems in your sewer line during NJ sewer video inspection, the next step is to fix the problem with sewer cleaning or sewer repairs.

For clogged sewer lines, we can use powerful hydro jetting equipment to blast the debris out of the pipes.

Sewer cleaning with hydro jetting can be a surprisingly quick process, taking as little as 30 minutes to complete. When tree roots are present inside the pipe, we can start off with specialized cutting attachments designed for root removal.

When the pipe itself has damage beyond just clogging, you’ll probably need sewer repairs.

Most minor repairs can be achieved with sewer relining, a quick excavation-free process for trenchless sewer repair. Using a pneumatic bladder, we can place a resin-coated liner into the pipe, covering cracks and holes.


When the resin has been cured and hardened with heat or UV, the bladder is removed, leaving a sturdy and durable sleeve inside the sewer line.

Other, more serious sewer problems may require total or partial sewer pipe replacement.  While we may need to excavate, trenchless pipe lining bursting can also be a viable option for replacing a failing sewer line.

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At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we can help you protect your home from flooding, water damage, and sewer backflow. we serve Central and North NJ

From sewer cleaning and sewer relining, to installing sump pumps and sewer backflow valves, we’ll help keep your home dry and intact.

Prevent water damage and call us sewer inspection and sewer maintenance in NJ, call us anytime at A1 Sewer & Drain Services, at 201-645-0888.

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