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Sewer line belly or back pitched sewer is when the main sewer line loses its position or pitch inside the ground. When it does, the sewer line back pitches and liquid wastes are backflow to your house and property.

  • Pitch describes the downward angle or slope of a sewer pipe.
  • The slope helps liquid and solid waste flow properly.
  • 2 1/2 inch sewer line may have a slope of 1/4 inch per foot.
  • Back pitched line repair or replacement.
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sewer repair contractors use cameras to look inside the sewer line. The camera produces a detailed image of the sewer line’s position in the ground, as well as what the line looks like from the inside. sewer/drain contractors examine the video on a special screen, which helps them decide on the best way to repair the line. If the line has multiple cracks, repair it immediately to avoid other issues, such as flooding and sewer city street damage.

Depending on the condition of the soil or pavement surrounding the sewer line, your contractors can repair it with an advanced technique called trenchless sewer line repair. This technique doesn’t require the contractors to dig up your property or damage the rest of your landscape, which saves you money and time.

But if the sewer line is too old to repair, you should replace it. Even if your contractors repair the cracks and properly pitch the line, it can eventually return to its original state and cause future problems you don’t want to experience.

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